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At the beginning of the month of October, MTV India announced two new shows. The list includes Elevator Pitch and Ace of Space. We are here to shed some light on the MTV Ace of Space tv show. In this article, we will be specifically focusing on Ace of Space Vote method and process. Keep reading for more information.

MTV Ace of Space

The MTV Ace of Space tv show was launched on 20th October 2018. At its launch, we saw that many as 18 people entered the house. Since the Reality-based entertainment shows are already popular amongst Indian Masses, The show bound to receive a lot of Positive feedback. One of the key factors which can decide the popularity of the show is a mix of commoner and celebrities in MTV Ace of Space.

The show claims that it is tougher than Bigg Boss since the house in which the contestants live in is getting smaller and daunting. This is in compliment to the fact the shows nowadays are getting competitive.

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MTV Ace of Space Airtime

Mr. Vikas Gupta acts as the show Mastermind. He is responsible for most of the actions taken by house members although that is of Indirect consequence. The show airs every day at 6 PM on MTV India Channel. From what we saw, the show is already buzzing with participants quarreling and fighting for Space.

Ace of Space Vote

Ace Of Space Online Voting Polls

Here we are presenting Online entertainment polls. According to these polls, you may get to know the weakest and strongest contestant of the show. Also, these polls are not official polls. If you want to vote officially too, then read ahead how to vote in Ace of Space. Before that have a look at Online voting polls.

Remember these are non-official polls. Participate and enjoy.

MTV Ace of Space Vote

Since the Inception of the show, it has been strict about nominations based on task and challenges. The people who get nominated will have a few days time before elimination takes place. But hang on! you can actually save the nominees from elimination by giving them your consecrated vote.

Voting Via Voot App

Voot is an online content streaming app where you can watch popular TV shows including Big Boss and Ace of Space. To vote for your favorite participant, read the following steps:

  1. Download and Install Voot app on your mobile from Google Play store or iOS App Store.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app and Sign up or LoginAce of Space Vote
  3. You can use your Google or Facebook account to login.
  4. Select the Vote Option and look for MTV Ace of Space Show.Ace of Space Vote
  5. Next, you will see a list of nominated contestants.

    Ace of Space Vote

  6. So then Tap on the image of the participant you want to pull out of Unsafe Zone.Ace of Space Vote


  7. Press the Submit Vote button.

Once done, your vote will be submitted and you can expect others to feel the same and vote for the same person. You can use this method to carry out Ace of Space Vote for MTV show.

Ace Of Space Eliminated Contestants list

A bunch of People has been eliminated from the show on the basis of Public Voting. So Here is the complete list of eliminated contestants.

  • In the very beginning, the eliminated contestant was Tenzin.
  • After her, Deepak Tuteja who was named as chuchu in the show, get eliminated.
  • After Chuchu Pooja Rathi was the one who gets evicted.
  • Bawle Chore Sambhav & Sankalp– the twin brothers get eliminated after pooja.
  • And then Raper, youtube sensation OPM- Om Prakash Mishra get evicted.
  • In very next elimination Kamz get evicted from the house.

What after Ace of Space Vote?

MTV Ace of Space show is already leaping to new heights thanks to its regenerative entertainment. The Space battle is literally on when you will see contestants fighting for all the space they can get to themselves. What better motivation than lust for money and win. The show hasn’t revealed what the final winner’s prize will be.

So, all these details we will save for later. For now, you people should savor every moment of the show.

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