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Here is all info about Anzac Day 2019 & firstly let us find out What is ANZAC Day?

During World War 1, combined forces from Australia and New Zealand fought the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli. ANZAC day is observed to commemorate the sacrifices made by soldiers for the nation. To honor the soldiers of ANZAC or Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, each year on April 25. Anzac Day 2019 is coming around the corner but first, So we should talk a little more about the ANZAC day.


The ANZAC Day 2019 : A Ceremonial Day of Remberence

When we talk about sacrifices and peace, we should always remember that there is not just one but many. ANZAC day has so now evolved into a day of recognition for all the sacrifices made throughout the history of Australia and New Zealand. And ANZAC Day 2019 progresses the legacy not just in Australia and New Zealand but also in various other small and big countries.

ANZAC Day Facts

Going over the history can be a little drowsy, but ANZAC Day’s History is not to be overlooked. It was on April 25, 1915, that the battle took place at Gallipoli in Turkey. Australians and New Zealanders thought highly of United Kingdom and were sympathetic towards them when World War 1 began. As such soldiers who were willing to fight formed ANZAC. World War 1 cost millions of lives.

The outcome of Battle at Gallipoli

At Gallipoli, some of fiercest battle took place wherein ANZAC was able to hold off enemies for 8 months. 8000 Soldiers lost their lives and were commemorated immediately at various places by the Allies as “The Knights of Gallipoli”. So The rest is now a history worth remembering.

Anzac Day 2019

The Anzac Day 2019 Date and Day

Anzac Day for 2019 will be celebrated on 25th of April which is a Thursday. So, as a result, the day will be a public holiday all over Australia and NewZealand.

Where else is ANZAC Day Celebrated?

The Anzac Day is celebrated not just in Australia and New Zealand but also in various other places such as:

  • Cook Islands
  • Niue
  • The Pitcairn Islands
  • Tonga
  • Papua New Guinea and Samoa

Why Is Anzac Day Important?

Importance of Anzac day cannot be summarised in a single paragraph. We celebrate the day in remembrance of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in war, to show them love and respect. So Ceremonies are held to pay tributes to war heroes, who served with honor and distinction.

Anzac Day 2019

ANZAC day Celebration ways

Let us enunciate some ways in which the day is celebrated across Australia and New Zealand. so here are the ways.

  • Marches, Memorials and Exhibits
  • Dawn Service
  • ANZAC Day Football
  • Catafalque Parties

Popular Locations of ANZAC day Celebrations 2019

Since the ANZAC day is celebrated around the country, the various location features some exclusive scenes and exhibits worth visiting:

  • The Australian War Memorial
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Melbourne


The ANZAC day is crafted with a motto that we shouldn’t forget the sacrifices. The Motto “Lest We Forget” says it all how important the day is and why for more than 100 years the day is celebrated. So this was all about the Anzac day 2019.

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