Are You The One Season 8 – Cast, prize money and much more

Do you like watching dating shows?. Yes, you do. That’s why you’re here for the information about the new season of Are You the One. If you’re talking about one of the most romantic datings- shows in the world, you simply can’t have that conversation without including Are You the one. After seven successful seasons, the show is back with Are you the one season 8. All we can say is that the new season will have more romance, drama and better dating algorithms. Do you want more information?. Don’t worry, we got you covered. All you need to know about the AYTO season 8 is in this article. Make sure you don’t miss a single line. Keep reading.

All you need to know about Are you the one

Well, as the name suggests – Are you the one is a dating show. This show uses some modern dating algorithms to find a great match for the opposite gender. In the starting of the show, some single 20+ guys and girls are selected. The selection criteria for both boys and girls is that you should be single, your age should be 20+ and you should be good looking. After selection, all the singles are given a form to fill and they are asked some question about them and their taste. The production company of the Are you the one is Lighthearted Entertainment.

Are You The One Season 8

The show has many relationship experts as well. The major work is done by modern algorithms and machines. These modern algorithms are used to find the ideal match for opposite genders but the result is kept secret. Now the game begins. So, whosoever gets to find their correct ideal match with the week tests, are declared as the winner of the show. The winning couple then gets huge prize money by MTV and a potential life partner. Interesting, Isn’t it?. The weekly tasks make the show even more interesting. According to the sources, Are you the one season 8 will be having some popular contestants and the weekly tasks are going to be much fun.

Are you the one Season 8 Premiere Date

After 7 wonderful seasons, Are you the one is back with the eighth season. No wonder the show is back, It has been so popular and successful. The eighth season of this entertaining show will be premiering this year. The host for the eighth season will be Terrence. He hosted the last two seasons and was great in that.  The show will telecast on MTV. Most of the seasons of Are you the one was shooted in Hawaii.

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Casting of The Are You the One Show

According to the sources, this new season will be shooting in Hawaii as well. Right now, all we know about Are you the one season 8 cast is Terrence. The show officials have decided not to reveal contestant names for now, as it will be a surprise for most of the audience. The running time of the show will be 60 minutes (including commercials). The show may give a chance to previous contestants. 

Name of the show Are you the one
No. of seasons 7
Season 8 premiere date TBD
Host for season 8 Terrence
Prize money 1 million dollars
Genre of the show Reality
Running time 60 minutes

Are You The One Episodes of Season 8

Seems like you like to watch dating shows. Well, Some other shows like Are you the ones are MTV Splitsvilla and MTV love school. Apparently, only Are you the one season 8 will telecast this year. However, you can watch previous seasons of splitsvillla and love school. Considering that, we’ve listed this show to be on the top of the top chart this year. So, brace yourself for a pack of entertainment, drama, and love. You can watch Are you the one season 8 episodes on MTV.

Are You The one Winner Season 8 & Prize Money

The prize money for the show will be 1 million dollars. This reality genre show is all set to make a huge impact on the audience and this season is definitely going to be better than last seasons. Woah!! The winner will get $1 Million. With such a huge prize money, contestants are going to be much entertaining and popular.

We will be updating the season 8 casting in this article. You should be visiting this article for updates. And yeah, don’t forget to drop the suggestions in the comment box. Be safe, be happy. adios :).

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