Best Places to Visit in Manali

Manali: The abode of Gods

Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in north India. In fact, it can be considered as one of the most popular places in entire India. People from the variety of backgrounds, cast, colour or creed come to this place to quench their thirst of nature and fulfil their souls. Kullu-Manali is often referred to as the “valley of gods” where Manali is given a special place due to its history. So here are some Best Places to Visit in Manali.

Visiting Manali

People often ask what the best time and places to visit Manali is. Well for that we are here to tell you about everything related to Manali. Manali can be visited at any time of the year, except monsoons, since during monsoons heavy rainfall occurs in the valley of gods and entire Himachal. Due to this, a lot of places get cutoff or tourist are prone to get stuck on roads due to landslides, eroded roads and most dangerous of all, floods Cloud bursts. Other than the months from the middle of June to the middle of August, the Manali is your favourite place to go if want to sober down the searing temperatures down in plains.

Best Places to Visit in Manali for Honeymoon

Mountains are full of romance in themselves. The valleys add flavour to it. And what could be more romantic for in Himachal Pradesh than the Manali? Here are some of the best places to visit for the honeymoon in Manali.

Best Places to Visit in Manali

  • Rohtang Pass
  • Naggar
  • Solang Valley
  • Hadimba Temple
  • Kullu Valley
  • Kothi
  • Van Vihar
  • Jogini Falls

Best Places to Visit in Manali

Since Manali is a tourist place and lying at 6027 ft. from the sea level, the place is as cold as it gets with temperatures even recorded to be lower than that of Shimla. A lot of places in Manali are the tourist attraction and people live off from trade with tourist. We have mentioned some of the places to visit in Manali along with the best time of the year to visit:

  1. Van Vihar: As soon as you enter Manali if you take a look to your left you will notice that for a very good stretch of the road, it gets accompanied by a park cum forest. This forest decorates itself with tall deodar and birch trees which keep the temperature inside cool and calm away from population and pollution. You will feel like you are resting in the lap of nature.

Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: May


  1. Hadimba Mata Temple: A temple that holds its own in the world of architecture with a pagoda-style roof, this temple cannot be missed on your trip to Manali. Dedicated to demon Hadimba, wife of Bhim (straight from Mahabharata) this temple is just a km or two from Manali. The temple can be easily walked to and has a soothing atmosphere.Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: April/May

  1. Vashisht Temple: Ashish is around 4 km from Manali but that doesn’t stop tourists from going to this temple because of what this temple has to offer. Apart from wooden architecture that adorns this place and its serene calmness, the place also hosts hot water springs. The hot water springs are rich in Sulphur and have a soothing effect on skins and bones.Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: April/May/September/ October/ November

Top Places to visit Manali

  1. Nehru Kund: This place may seem a minor stop but it can your favorite place to stop by when you visit Manali. With speculations that the water in Kund originating from Bhrigu Lake, this place is said to be a favorite stop point of Former PM Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The water from this Kund is crystal clear, cold and so fresh that you will be more likely to stop the next time you come to this place. Placed 5 km away from Manali, the legends tell the tale of Shesh Naag bringing this fountain of water to life.Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: May/September/October/November

  1. Naggar: Naggar has a rich history and one of the popular destinations for any tourist is Naggar castle. Built in the 15th century, this place has the historic feel and the central region of castle holds a breathtaking view of the entire Naggar valley. Along with Naggar castle, Naggar has Museum of arts, history, and culture which is open all year round for tourists. Apart from the above places, there is an art gallery which is hosted in Roerich House just 20 minutes from Museum. So This place lets young talents and veterans host their painting. Other than these, there is Gowri Shankar temple, Dagpo monastery etc. which are located along the road. So It is one of the Best Places to Visit in Manali.Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to Visit: April/May

  1. Solang Valley: Although Entire Kullu District is rigged with adventure sports the place Solang valley is a prime tourist destination for adventure sports enthusiast. During summers this place is bustling with paragliders. This place is a carnival and hosts festival like affairs. In winters this place is taken over by snow and hence the place is crowded with skiers and snowboarders etc. Above this place is a place commonly called as kheerganga. Accessible via cable car or walking this place is covered with snow even in the month of May. With a waterfall also to grace you, this place has a beautiful aura to it.Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: May/ December.

Beautiful Places in Manali

  1. Rohtang Pass: Located a distance of 51km, one can reach this place by following the Keylong route. The Rohtang pass acts as a natural divide between Lahaul Spiti and Kullu. Plenty of adventure sports to follow like paragliding, skiing, snow mobile. A tricky pass to follow, this place if once topped at the height of 8000+ ft., can give you scenic views and an awe-inspiring beauty of mountains. Best to avoid this place during winters and Monsoons.
    Best Places to Visit in Manali

Best time of the year to visit: April/May

  1. Manali Winter Carnival: Right after Dusherrha, Manali hosts winter carnival festival on Manali mall road. This festival takes place in the month of November and December wherein local talents and cultural accolades are featured. As such this place becomes a crowd’s delight with loads of partying and singing and flaunting of local culture. these are also some Best Places to Visit in Manali.

Best time of the year to Visit: October-December

Apart from these places, there are a lot of places like Jogni Falls, Jana Falls, Old Manali, Manu Temple. That’s where the name Manali comes from and Manali Gompa etc. That can be visited any time of the year although one must avoid peculiar places during monsoons. While higher reaches should be avoided during winters due to snow. Manali is also plagued with Traffic congestion so respective caution should be measured in while visiting the abode of gods.

so these were the Best Places to Visit in Manali.

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