The Big Brother UK Vote 2019 App, Polls

One of the best ways to entertain any public, bring to them a house full of characters. You will see a house filled with drama, laughter, emotions, and fights. Some reality shows follow the above-said genre. In such reality shows, the house members are required to perform tasks and try and stay out of elimination. We are talking about famous The Big Brother TV show that airs on Channel 5. Today will list out details about the show including The Big Brother UK Vote 2019 App and Polls for the show.

Big Brother UK

The Big Brother is a reality TV show of Dutch origin. It has franchises across the world including Big Brother US, UK & Ireland, Big Boss India etc. The show has over 50 franchises and is growing without check. Well, there will be never a check since the show has become a staple of every household. The Big Brother Vote 2019 is on and we will be mainly talking about the British Version that airs on Channel 5. Let’s dive into voting details for Big Brother 2019.

Big Brother UK Vote 2019

A total of 14 house inmates are up for chase into a prize of 1 Lac Sterling Pounds. This is exciting because this will raise the competition and prospects of conflict. But to make sure your favorite contestants remains till the last you have to vote for them. Fear not, we’ve got you covered

How to Vote in Big Brother UK 2019

To vote in big brother is not a difficult task, but it can be costly. There are two ways you can vote in the show:

  1. Making a telephone call to ‘09′ number by any landline inside the UK (Premium Rate).
  2. Also by a premium rate telephone call to a Mobile Short Dial Code “MSDC” number from a UK mobile phone (not available from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man mobile phones)

You can visit Voting Terms and Condition Portal for Channel 5 Big Brother UK Vote 2019. Each call will be equal to one vote. A “09” premium number telephone number will be displayed on the screen for the selected housemate. Similarly, a 7 digit MSDC code will also be displayed for you to send a message on. Each of these methods will cost you 50 pence. Not a big price for your favorite housemate, Eh!

Big Brother UK Vote 2019

Voting which is done from the outside UK will not be counted. Refer to Big Brother Portal for More info (Link mentioned above)

Big Brother UK 2019 Voting App

The Big Brother UK Voting App is also available which you can use to vote for your favorite housemate. You can download the app for:

  • Android On the Link. Titled as Big Brother Channel 5 App.
  • On iOS App Store.

The App has the following features:

  1. Watch The Big Brother Episodes Online
  2. Get Exclusive Big Brother Contents
  3. Vote using the App.
  4. Follow and vote on Polls for various house affairs.
  5. Stay up to date with Big Brother on Channel 5.

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Big Brother UK Voting 2019 Polls

There is no current poll data available for 2019. Most of the polls are available using the Big Brother Channel 5 app. You can access the poll opinion there. Once we get the data we will update you on the page.

To Conclude

The Voting Lines will be open as soon as the new season for the year 2019 is constituted. The show has a lot of fan following so the new season is down the line. We have to keep our fingers crossed before making any assumptions. While we know that the show is coming, contestant and the air date will be updated subsequently.

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