Britain’s Next Top Model 2019 Auditions Casting

The Famedome associated with being a model attracts the most aspiring models from around the world. This has led to a number of Shows to come up offering opportunities. The Opportunities vary. You can either be a Movie Star, Do fashion shows for top brands or you can be the Top model that a country can have. Well, the obvious choice leads us to the present show Britain’s Next Top Model 2019. Today we will elucidate all the details associated with the next series, Britain’s Next Top Model 2019. But first, let’s know more about the show.

BNTM or Britain’s Next Top Model 2019

Britain’s Next top model or BNTM, as it is popularly written, is a British Irish Reality TV show. In the show, female Models compete with each other to become Britain’s Next Top Model. This gives the participants a chance at starting a career in modeling, featuring in movies etc; but the winner takes the cake as she, apart from gaining fame, can receive modeling contract, money, vehicle etc. The rewards change from season to season, or rather, in each cycle.

The first cycle of the show aired in 2005. The show is a part of the Top Model Franchise and if you want to be a part of the show and do not know how you have come to the right place.

Britain’s Next Top Model Auditions 2019

To be the next top model of Britain and Ireland, you have to meet the eligibility requirements too. The same goes for all the other contest based content we post. The Auditions will open soon and we will update all the necessary information.

Britain's Next Top Model 2019

BNTM 2019 Eligibility Requirements

  1. You should be 5’8″ in height and aged between 18 and 32.
  2. If you get selected, you should be willing to travel at your own expenses.
  3. You should be willing to travel to London for 2 days If you get selected for the final selection process.
  4. Staying In London for 2 days will be completely at producers discretion. Economy class Round trip to London from your home and Hotel stay will be sponsored by the Producer. Stay in London will be in the month of December
  5. If Selected, you should be willing to live in a location arranged by the producer with 12 other strangers. This will occur in February 2019 or March 2019. The location will be covered with Audio and Video recording devices.
  6. BNTM will not be responsible for your loss of time. Kindly make your arrangements with your previous employers, school etc for leave.
  7. Excellent Physical and Mental health is necessary.

For the complete list of T&C and eligibility requirements, visit the requirements portal.

Britain's Next Top Model 2019

How to apply for Britain’s Next Top Model 2019?

After you are certain that you have met the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the auditions in the following ways:

Applying Online

To apply online, take care of the following steps:

  • Go to this link Official Website’s Apply page
  • Once in, fill in all your details and press Next button.
  • There are a total of 7 steps of Form.
  • At step 1, fill in your age, name, weight, height etc
  • At step 2, you have to fill in marital status and other details.
  • Step 3 involves personality and mindset details.
  • Once all the steps are through, the BNTM team will contact you and fix Audition dates and Venues

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There may be open nationwide casting call for which the venue and dates will be announced later. Keep tabs on the official BNTM portal for elaborate details or Bookmark us for crisp details.

Judges for Britain’s Next Top Model 2019

The Judges for the show are as follows:

  • Abbey Clancy
  • Nicky Johnston
  • Max Rogers

Britain’s Next Top Model 2019 Contestants

The show is exclusive to Lifetime TV, and as such the Air Date of the show will be revealed by the same. For now, we have to wait until the official announcement is made. As soon as the show will go on air it’s contestants details will be revealed. In the previous cycle i.e. cycle 11, there were top 12 contestants who were seen competing against one another.simiklary will happen in cycle 12 in 2019. We will soon update the top 12 contestants of BNTM 2019.

How well will the show fare?

The BTNM cycle of 2019 will be a blockbuster. We may sound overwhelming but the show has a history of finding the most unique of talents. Bold and Sassy, the show is meant only for female candidates and the heat of competition in such an environment will never disappoint you in any way. Let’s keep the good words up until the show goes live in 2019.


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