British Army Recruitment 2019 Application Commonwealth Nations

The statement of Cooperation between Nations is of Utmost importance. This is so because we have to maintain diplomatic ties in harmonic ways. The Commonwealth Nations do that just the right way. That includes social and cultural programs and exchanges between nations and provisions of loans for developing nations. One another way is induction into Defence Services of Foreign people of foreign Nations. British Army Recruitment 2019 Application commonwealth is on the way and we are ready to shell out all the details that you need to know.

British Army Recruitment 2019 For Commonwealth 2019

If you are interested in a life full of pride, You have the opportunity to join the British Army. The British Army is recruiting for the upcoming year and essential requirement is that you should belong to Commonwealth Nations. Before we dive in, let’s know what are commonwealth nations.

Commonwealth Nations

Commonwealth nations is an association of 53 voluntary nations and sovereign states. Most of them were British Colony who gained independence. One aspect of Commonwealth Nations is that they are all about cultural, sports and information exchange. No one nation forces or exercises power over any other nation. This creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony which is essentially what everyone needs.

How to Join the British Army as A National of a Commonwealth Nation?

To join the British Army as a Citizen of a Commonwealth Nation, you must first meet the eligibility requirement. If you meet the eligibility requirement, fifty percent of the job will be done. For your benefit, we will list the eligibility requirements below.

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British Army Recruitment 2019 Application Commonwealth Requirement

  1. Age Limit is between 16-50. Anyone out of this bound will not be accepted.
  2. You should be a Commonwealth Nation Citizen
  3. Fitness and Medical record of past 2 years should include No Injury.
  4. Should not have a past criminal or felony record.

The above-mentioned requirements are mandatory and for any query, you can always refer to British Army Portal.

British Army Recruitment 2019

British Army Recruitment 2019 Application Form

Applying for the British Army is fairly simple and most of the steps can be done online. To apply, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to The British Army Application Portal 
  • Create an account by clicking Log In Button.
  • Once the account is created to select the role you will apply for.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to mention whether you’ll serve as a regular officer or Part Time Officer.

Once you are through this, make sure you keep tabs on future updates. We will also keep you update about British Army Recruitment 2019 Application Commonwealth.

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Who can apply to the British Army Recruitment 2019 Application Commonwealth?

To apply for the British Army you can have any background, as long as you meet the eligibility requirement. The list of backgrounds who can apply is as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Sports
  • Combat and Martial Arts
  • Logistics, Support, and Management
  • Finance and IT

and many more.

Benefits of Joining the British Army

Apart from being part of the royal army, there a lot of benefits and incentives. Some of the benefits include:

  1. 14000+ Sterling Pound per year for maintenance
  2. University Fee
  3. Airfare at end of the course and at the beginning.
  4. 20,000 Sterling Pound after the training period.
  5. 40 days of leaves per year
  6. Subsidized food, gym, free medical support etc.

This is just the crux. Benefits of joining the army are numerous.

Is there more to it than what appears?

The British army recruitment is one of a kind as it allows people from other Nations to join. Consider it doing reparations to silence the ghosts of the past, the recruitment is heavy on benefits but only the best of the best make it. So If you think you are the best, the British Army has a place for you.




  1. Iam Kenyan youth aged 27years and would like to work in the British Army please assist me get recruited there,kindly please,anyone willing to assist is invited.

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