How To vote in Dance Deewane Season 2

Last year colors tv has launched a new dancing show i.e. Dance Deewane. And now the makers have decided to renew it by starting Dance Deewane Auditions 2019. As the show will start you will wonder the procedure of competition in the show. So here we are addressing you by Dance deewane Voting methods. If you are dance deewane and want your favorite participant to win the show, then you must know how to vote in Dance Deewane Season 2 in 2019.

The show is based on pure dancing. The only difference that you will see in the show is its theme. Every other dancing show is based on a particular genre i.e Junior dancing or adult dancing. But this is all in one show. All ages dancers can participate in the show at a time. And the winner will be determined among these 3 generations on the basis of Dance Deewane Voting. Let’s have a deep look.

Dance Deewane Voting Methods

If you are reading this article no doubt you are a Dance Deewane. And if you are looking for the voting methods to be used in Dance Deewane then you are at right place. Not only this show, every single reality show includes the voting process for eviction. Now the voting process depends on the type of the show.

Dance Deewane Voting

Some shows include internal voting in which contestants vote out anyone among themselves. But some shows include external voting in which the Audience are the judges. Dance Deewane is one of them. The Voting Methods that audience will adopt for vote out in Dance Deewane are:

Voot App Voting

In order to save the contestant, you have only one method i.e. voting via Voot app. Now let us find, how this procedure works out.

Dance Deewane 2 Online Vote Using Voot App

So as of now, we know that the voting will be done using the Voot app only. So in order to cast your precious vote, you must have voot app. Go through the details related to show.

  • Download the voot app from play store or log on to
  • After downloading app sign in with google or facebook account.
  • On the home page of the app or website, you will see the Dance Deewane Vote Now option.
  • So click on that option.
    Dance Deewane Voting
  • You will see all the contestants list. 
  • You need to choose the name of contestant you want to vote.
  • Submit your vote.

So this was the way of Dance Deewane Voting in Season 2.

Ever since the show has started it is one of the most popular shows and no. 1 on the TRP list. Hopefully, in Season 2 it will continue to be on no. 1. That we will see in the future. but here we wind-up the details of Dance Deewane season 2 voting. But in the case of remaining queries, you may ask us. You can also check out the latest entertainment details at our facebook page Tv shows India. Stay here to know more details about Dance Deewane Winner of the upcoming season.


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