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Two months ago at the F8 conference, Facebook Inc. announced that a new feature or rather a service. That single announcement changed the market scenario and share value of Match Group Inc. dropped a whopping 22 percent. We are here talking about the Facebook dating app feature. Back in the month of May, Social Networking giants announced an in-app dating feature which shook the market. Let’s talk about all the hype going on since its official launch in Colombia.

What is the Facebook Dating App feature?

There are a lot of dating apps out there aimed at getting people to know each other better, finding the perfect match for them etc. The Facebook Dating feature works with a similar strategy but to survive the market, you have to do things a little differently. This little different thing has the potential to change the way people date. The Facebook Dating App feature will be an in-app feature which means that it will have an already established huge user database.

How does the In-app dating feature help?

The idea is pretty simple actually. It helps Facebook Inc in two ways:

  1. Dating Service providers like Tinder, Match, POF etc have a database that took years to establish. Facebook Dating App feature accomplishes that in one slice.
  2. In-app dating feature performs transcendingly well when it comes to searching for matches. This is because it has a search engine already established with some of the best algorithms.

Facebook Dating App

This way Facebook Inc. has the potential to unlock a huge market share by practically doing nothing.

Facebook Dating Service Features

Owing to the large user database already established Facebook dating service has a wider scope. Facebook owes it to various factors such as people going live on Social Media platform, sharing there locations, moments, memories and events. This in return helps the Facebook algorithm to keep a track on likes and dislikes of a person. Since all the ingredients are there for a dating application, a little stir and YAY! you have a facebook dating service ready.

Setting the pun aside let us focus on possible features of Facebook dating service:

  • Facebook has a massive database, of people which can be accessed by anyone who is a member of Facebook.
  • Social media giants claim that there will be no left or right swiping like other popular dating apps. It will focus on finding a match using shared life events.
  • No premium services (as of now). This will hurt rival dating service who rely on the same.
  • If you find a match via shared life experience, you can start a private chat with that person and start dating.

Facebook Dating App

Dating using shared life experience or events an innovative feature. For example, If you post a picture of a place that you visited saying that a visit again will bring back memories, maybe another person who visited that place may get connected to you. This is like real life scenario where you meet people in a particular place and time or an event.

When Will the Facebook Dating App be available?

Currently, the Facebook dating App is only available as a feature inside the core Facebook app. The feature is presently being tested by the Facebook beta testers and is currently launched in Colombia for test market purpose. Its success in Colombia will dictate the future of the app and subsequently, it will be made available in other countries.

Will there be a Facebook Dating App APK?

The answer to the question asked above is, No. Presently Facebook is relying on shared life experiences for finding a date or a match. It boats of the fact that people using facebook dating service will be able to find more meaningful and lasting relations. If this is the way to go, a separate application will only be a hindrance. But if it becomes a success, Facebook might have to think of developing a separate application to reduce the burden on the core app.

Facebook Dating App

How to use Facebook dating App feature?

The facebook dating in-app feature will first take some personal information from you. This includes:

  • First, you will need to create a dating profile and make sure you are at least 18 years old.
  • Entire Your Bio, Name, age and Gender. (Automatically transferred)
  • Choose gender orientation.
  • Option to specify your Physical features.
  • Setup 9 Photos and as many as 20 icebreaker questions.

Apart from this, there is a limit of 12 people you can express your interest in.

If Facebook is able to pull this innovative algorithm, they might become the defacto leader of the dating market. Since we have already established the total potential of such a feature, it is for the users to decide if the feature is worth it or not.

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