Grand National 2019

Grand National is a race competition at international level. And special about it is that it is a racehorse. So here we have the complete information regarding Grand National. The complete information for Grand National 2019 includes Tips, Odds, Runners and Winner. You may continue reading here for the same.

Grand National 172nd

Grand National is the pinnacle of a 3- day festival. These 3 days have different dedicated attractions all the time. The last day though is always dedicated for the handicapped horses. The last day is about the races of horses those are handicapped.

This year the Grand National will be starting with its 172nd season and has already completed 171 seasons. This time the Grand National will start on 4th April 2019 which will be followed for 2 days further and thereby concluding on 6th April 2019. This time the venue for the race or the entire event is decided to be Aintree Recourse. Here we have the schedule for all 3 days, so continue reading here for more information.

2019 Grand National Schedule

This time the classification of 3 days is as follows:

  • First day: first day this time will start on 4th April 2019 that is Thursday. This day will have past and present champion’s race. Which will be then followed by some entertainment and live music which would sensitize the evening.
  • Second day: Day 2 will be on the 5th of April, 2019 that is Friday. This day is dedicated to ladies and is therefore titled as Ladies Day. This day will focus on hyping fashion and style together. And not just this but the winner of this day in fashion and style will be awarded a big car by Aintree Recourse.
  • Third day: Day 3 or the finale day is scheduled on 6th April 2019 on the day Saturday. This day is dedicated to conducting the race of handicapped horses.

Grand National 2019

Grand National 2019 Runners

There are about 110 entries for the race but only about 40 entries will be accepted. Though there are many horses that will be participating or running in Grand National 2019. Some of them are:

  • Tiger Roll
  • Elegant Escape
  • Vintage Clouds
  • General Principle
  • Anibale Fly
  • Mall Dini
  • Elegant Escape
  • Folsom Blue
  • Don Poli
  • Go Conquer
  • Isle of Hopendreams
  • Joe Farrell
  • Impulsive Star
  • Baie Des IIes
  • Ballyoptic
  • Vieux Moruan
  • Vintage Clouds
  • Ultra Gold
  • Valter

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Grand National Odds 2019

  • Tiger Roll- 12/1
  • Elegant Escape- 20/1
  • Vintage Clouds 25/1
  • General Principle 25/1
  • Anibale Fly 25/1
  • Mall Dini 25/1
  • Elegant Escape 24/5
  • Folsom Blue 57/5
  • Don Poli 17/1
  • Go Conquer 7/2
  • General Principle- 28/5
  • Isle of Hopendreams 57/5
  • Joe Farrell- 21/1
  • Impulsive Star- 24/1
  • Baie Des IIes- 19/1
  • Ballyoptic- 33/5
  • Vieux Lion Rouge- 66/5
  • Vieux Moruan-                 47/1
  • Vintage Clouds- 6/1
  • Ultra Gold- 33/5
  • Valter- 33/1

Grand National Winner 2019

Grand National 2019 will conclude on 6th April 2019 and the result will be decided then and there. So the Grand National 2019 winner can only be announced on 6th of April 2019 after the race. And we will update the same here as soon as it is declared.

So For more updates stay tuned with us here.

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