Hard Quiz Auditions 2019

Talent can be in any form in any person. It can be in the form of dance, singing, comedy or Intelligence.

And nowadays there are so many platforms that value the talent and give a person a chance to show his/ her talent to the world and to make a unique identity.

There is such a show HARD QUIZ in Australia that gives chance to Australian citizen to show their intelligence or knowledge about any subject in which they are expert. So check Hard Quiz Auditions 2019 details here onwards.



The hard quiz is an Australian reality talent show on ABC  TV Channel. This show is hosted by  TOM GLEESON.

  1. Hard Quiz has 4 participants who compete with each other for hard quiz trophy.
  2. Each competitor chose a Master branch about which he/she has good knowledge.
  3. Participants get 5 questions in 3 rounds –
  • Expert’s round ( questions from master branch knowledge )
  • Tom’s round ( question from a subject that Gleeson chose)
  • People’s round (general information questions)

 Hard Quiz Auditions 2019

Participant is awarded 5 points for the correct answer and the participant is promoted to the next round.

But in case of wrong question 5 points are deducted and the participant is eliminated and can’t participate in the next round.

In the case of the steal”  where the participant can steal the question of other participants when he/she is unable to give the answer. Then participant who steal the question  is awarded with 10 points.


At the end , one participant with the highest points will be the winner and will win the Hard quiz metal mug.

Apply Online For HARD QUIZ 2019

Your knowledge  about any subject can make you the next hard quiz winner. So if you are the one with great knowledge of something , don’t wait ! Apply for the

 Auditions and give yourself a chance .

For participating in this show you should be  :

  • Above 18 years
  • Citizen of Australia .

you can apply online for the audition.

There is no information available about the auditions  of the show . But as soon as it will be out we will let you know . So ! Don’t wait , go and apply now for your  registration for auditions.

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