Himachal Pradesh Anubhav Yojana

ANUBHAV – A step toward a digital health. Himachal government is doing a lot to add in the vision of digital India. Recently on 4th September, Tuesday CM Respected Jai Ram Thakur Ji inaugurated a digital health scheme namely “Himachal Pradesh Anubhav Yojana” in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Anubhav is a digital health scheme for the convenience of the citizen.

Under this scheme, patients can take an online appointment with the doctor.

Himachal Pradesh Anubhav Yojana


Himachal Pradesh Anubhav Yojana

  • Patients can make online receipt (e-receipt) with the help of Asha workers & health workers of the nearby area.
  • An appointment can also be made via SMS.
  • People will not have to stand in lines for hours.
  • It will save both time and money of people.
  • In case the appointment is canceled, the patient is informed via an SMS so that they don’t come to the hospital at the wrong time.


Benefits of Anubhav Scheme

  • It will help those who come from very interior areas for the checkup and can’t meet doctors due to the heavy crowd in hospitals.
  • It will save both money and time.
  • Also, It will contribute toward a digital India and will also encourage other areas to start such helpful scheme. 

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How to Apply for HP Anubhav Scheme

In Kullu, about 4.5 lakh population can avail the benefit of Anubhav.

All they need is a little awareness and knowledge.

Himachal Pradesh Anubhav Yojana

They can apply for the scheme in the following ways :

  1. By concerning nearby Asha Worker.
  2. By concerning health worker.
  3. Directly through an SMS from own mobile.

e-receipt will be formed on the basis of token number.


How to Register for Anubhav scheme

  • Any citizen from Kullu can avail this benefit.
  • You just need your ID proof & Kullu residence proof.
  • If you have these documents you are eligible for Anubhav – a digital health scheme.
  • A great initiative is taken by hp government for the convenience of those who are needy.

Because it was too difficult for those who have to come from too far just for the checkup. It will give them relief and will help them to save their time and also money.


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