Homeland Season 8 Premiere Date, Cast

One of the main aspects of a crime drama TV series is to understand the psychology of the criminals. Whether he is a psychopath, a sociopath, a Tomboy or maybe a good Samaritan. Their Psychological profile varies astonishingly. We generally expect the same from all the TV shows. But, not all the shows come up to such performance criteria. In this article, we are going to talk about the crime drama psychological thriller Homeland Season 8. Shall we begin?

Homeland Season 8

Homeland TV series is a Spy based TV show which involves crime drama genre. The series stars a bipolar CIA Agent working to protect the USA from external threats righteously. It revolves around the life the CIA Agent who tries hard not to screw up and eventually comes out unscathed. The show is owned by FOX 21 TV studios and it airs on Channel Showtime. The first season premiered back in 2012 and now the Homeland Season 8 will be the final season

Homeland Final Season?

The Season 7 was left at a cliffhanger with the female Lead Carrie Mathison kidnapped by a Russian National. With the show director specifying that it was necessary since Season 7 and Season 8 are connected. The plot will is planted to turn into the world at threat affair and that will be a lot for the viewers to take in.

Homeland Season 8

Who to look for in Homeland Season 8 Casting?

A lot of characters are going to appear in the show including the ones from previous seasons. The show is gunning for the final run so it will definitely like to give a closure to some characters. Below is the most probable cast of Homeland Season 8.

Character Played By
Carrie Mathison(Lead) Claire Danes
Saul Berenson Mandy Patinkin
Dar Adal F. Murray Abraham
Brett O’Keefe Jake Weber
Elizabeth Keane Elizabeth Marvel
David Wellington Linus Roache
Max Piotrowski Maury Sterling
Dante Allen Morgan Spector
Jessica Brody Morena Baccarin

The cast members are speculative. They may or may not appear depending upon how the story unfolds.

Homeland Season 8 Premiere/Release Date

The Final Season of Homeland is scheduled to be released in 2019. As the routine goes, the show will premiere in the month of February for early release. Other than that, the show may release late in October 2019.

Number of Episodes in Final Season

Generally, the show has a tendency to release 12 episodes in a season. But since Season 8 is going to be the final season, we are expecting an increase in number. The show can go on to produce as many as 15 episodes. But this is only an unofficial insight. Once we get the official announcement, we will update it right away.

Homeland Season 8

Trailer for Homeland Season 8

The trailer for Homeland Season 8 full trailer is not out yet, When will it be available? We will let you know once the word gets out. For now, you can watch the Homeland Season 8 teaser trailer on youtube by clicking on this link

Or you can stream it right here!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqgWiHaDkAY]

How to Watch Homeland Season 8?

For the US citizens, you can tune in on to Showtime Channel. For the citizen of UK, you can watch the show on Channel 4. The show on the channel will be a couple of episodes behind. You can tune in on Star World Channel if you live in India.

To stream the show online, you can look for apps that let you stream content or have the show exclusively available on them. You can also watch the show on Hotstar.

Final Thoughts?

The show has been going on for almost 8 seasons now. We have been lunging on to the adventures of the spy and now it all is coming to an end. Although there is much speculation as to what will be the future of the show, critics believe that a spin-off for Saul Berenson can catch people off-guard. Fingers crossed, we shall see that in the future. Amen!

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