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Showing your creativity is both a niche statement and a cliche statement. If you look around for anyone who is up for a competition, creativity is a must. This is very much true for all the competitive reality TV shows. One such show that we are going to talk about is House Rules 2019. Entering into its season 7, the show is beautiful and filled with creativity. Today we have got all the recent details about the show. So We will break down all the info piece by piece.

House Rules 2019

House Rules 2019 or Season 7 is the upcoming Season for already established Australian TV Show House Rules. The show features 7 Couples from 6 different states who go on to renovate each other’s houses. House Rules airs on 7 Plus Channel and is a must watch since it involves an ingenious theme. Renovation work done by teams are fully supported by the show makers.

House Rules Show Format 2019

The latest format followed by the show includes the following four phases:

  1. Interior Renovation
  2. Back Yards
  3. Give Back Round
  4. Grand Finale

Each week a team is removed from the show owing to the work done by them. The winner from the grand finale is decided using public vote by Australian people.

House Rules Season 7 Premiere Date 2019

The Season 7 for the show was announced back in July 2018. Later the applications for casting were invited from around Australia. Currently, the show is the production phase and the air date for the show is under wraps. Judging from the trend, the show will air somewhere between 25 April 2019 and 8 May 2019. These dates are tentative and we will update it when the official announcement comes through.

House Rules 2019 Cast

The show has changed a few things from season six with a major change being in the Cast of the Show. The updated details for the Cast have not been confirmed yet but all that is confirmed we will mention below.

House Rules Season 7 Host 2019

The host for the show House Rules is the same as last season or season 6. While no changes have been released, the host for the show will be Johanna Grigs

House Rules 2019

House Rules 7 Judges

There is a change in the list of judges for the show. The information is officially confirmed by 7 Plus. Below is the list of judges for House Rules 2019:

  • Wendy Moore
  • Carolyn Burn-McGrave
  • Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen
  • Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie who has hosted as many as 52 primetime design shows and competitions is replacing Joe Snell as Judge for the show. We sure look forward to his critique and expertise on the show.

House Rules 7 Teams

The teams for House Rules 2019 have not been officially announced yet. We have to wait for the trailer to drop or an official announcement to come through. While we can expect teams to be tough and competitive, we can’t wait to see all the creativity and passion they will bring with themselves.

House Rules 2019: Chasing Dreams With Open Eyes?

In the last season, the renovated house that was sold in the auction for maximum amount became the winner. The amount was $3,55,000 which became the winner’s reward amount. A perfect prize for the winning team, the show sums up rewards to be perfectly balanced with hard work. We can surely look forward towards more such moments and spirit of similar passion.

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