Kerala Interest Free Loan

Kerala is one of those states which is first to receive summer monsoon rains. Apparently it most of the times is the first state to witness it. Perhaps this time the monsoon rains that the state of Kerala witnessed was too much for it. As Kerala is drenched and drowning in flood waters. Now let’s have a note over Kerala Interest Free Loan.

Kerala Floods: SOS

Kerala floods 2018 has SOS alert when searched on google. And it has been declared a level 3 calamity by the union government. This all happened due to high rainfall. Which was not expected. This caused the dams to overflow. And hence the dam gates were opened which later caused flooding in low-level areas and rest followed.

Kerala Interest Free Loan for Flood Victims

Now the damage is done with more than 12 lakh people displaced from their homes. It was necessary to build a plan for recovery of the loss of 20 thousand crores. While other than all the donations from around the world to chief minister disaster relief funds, which will surely help, the state government announced that in collaboration with nationalized banks, all the families in Kerala who have been hit by floods directly or indirectly will receive interest-free loans of Rs 1 lakh. The interest on which will be paid by the Government.

Remaking of Kerala

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced that a lot of work is needed to reestablish Kerala to pre-flood times. The Kerala interest free loans will be provided to the female head of the family and can vary according to the repairs required but will not be more than Rs. 1 Lakh. With floods now receding families from as many as 5500 relief camps have started leaving for their homes.

Kerala Interest Free Loan

Rebuilding Kerala is a daunting task. And to bring a state which previously was one of the leaders in the social index, had the great connectivity of roads and bridges and a prime level of infrastructure will need more than just a number with zeroes in it. One can dub it as making of a new Kerala.

0 Interest Loans Kerala

The Government of Kerala by providing 0 interest loans is hopeful of a steady recovery as people can start repairing their homes. But, what would happen to families whose houses got ripped right off the ground remains to be seen. With state government working round the clock and relief pouring into the state from all over the world, Kerala can now move out of the misery steadily.

Is Kerala Interest free loan enough?

It is incumbent of the State Government to oversee all the recovery and repair work since it is on one part a manmade disaster with negligence of the government to foresee the ramifications of its decisions. While at least 40 percent of the state back with power (well, literally), teams have been divided to re-electrify as many places as soon as possible. Currently, Onam holidays are the respite for the people of the state and likewise, they are savoring every moment of happiness they can.

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