Love Island 2019 Application TV Show Majorca Island

What is your idea of summer? A trip with the family, Solo backpacking the mountains, completing some extra certificates or earning some money. What if we tell you that you can earn as much as $50,000 that too while enjoying your summer, will you believe? This question is answered by the Love Island TV show. 2018 Version of this show was concluded 2 months ago, its time for Love Island 2019.

Love Island TV Show

Love Island is a reality TV show which is a reboot of 2005 show of the same name. In 2015 first series of the show began. The show has since then the show has garnered a lot of viewership. The current annual viewership of the show is around 4 Million.

Love Island TV show Villa

In Love island, an even number of participants usually more than 30 islanders are placed in a villa on an island. The current series is going to take place in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca, which will have 70 cameras watching all the activities. Following are the special features of the games:

  • The Villa only includes double beds forcing contestants to share with each other
  • A hideaway bedroom for couples who want to go private.
  • It also includes an interview room wherein Islanders are allowed to have their say privately. This room is called “The Beach Hut”.
  • “The Pod” is also located inside the villa where Islanders can receive video messages from home, or receive other information from inside or outside the villa.
  • We can expect the second villa to pop up during the fifth series also. This villa has a name called Casa Armor translating to Love house.


Love Island 2019 Application

Love Island 2019 format

Participants of the Love Island TV show will have to survive by coupling with another person. Be it friendship, love or money; coupling is important unless you want to get dumped out. As the show progresses participants are forced to re-couple or swap their partners for someone else. An Islander or a couple can also be removed via public voting through the Love Island App.

Love Island 2019 Application Form

The application for Love Island is open and one can apply to be a part of the show by visiting the following website. Few details that you should take care of are:

  • You should be 18 years old or above
  • You should be available for Summer 2019.
  • Also, you must not be in working with these makers.
  • Should have a passport.
  • Also, you should not be in Live-in or any other nearby in relation with the partner.


Love Island 2019 Application

The applications are invited and show auditions are going on for casting in the show. The Last date of application is 30th April 2019

  • For Filling application form go to official website.
  • Click on Apply Now
  • Then fill the Love Island 2019 Application application form online.
  • Submit the form.

Love Island 2019 Application

Love Island 2019 Air date

The air date for Love Island has not yet been announced, but the rumor has it that the show will air in June 2019. Until then probable contestants are being auditioned. Once the show starts airing people can start watching it online until July 30 when the Finale airs.

Love Island Series 5 winner

The winner couple of series 5 of love island is yet to be announced, but the prize money for the winning couple is $50,000. The winner will be announced in July 2019 after the conclusion of the show.

One of the best things about the Love Island Show is that it features common people and not celebrities. This gives them a chance to feature on the big screen and make a name for themselves. The show has a typical format and one can expect the relational ups and downs from the show. All this is quite magnetic when we know that the love stories that it incurs are relatable.

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