Earning name, fame, and money is undoubtedly a tough job but what is toughest is to serve others with a part of blessing you get. Isn’t it so? I guess yes.

Mahika Sharma is a name that defines beauty and humanity well. Herewith a successful model & actress she is also a good philanthropist. Yes! a person who serves the society and love humanity.  Such a kind person she is. The latest updates about her we heard that she has done a bold photoshoot for his adult filmmaker friend Danny D. And recently approached for Bigg Boss 12. So its obvious that every single person wants to know her more. Here are some facts and figures about Mahika Sharma Biography, wiki, and personal information.

Mahika Sharma Biography

Mahika is a popular model, Film actress, TV actress, and a philanthropist. How beautiful it is that Mahika is born in a  place which is rich in wildlife and she is too a great lover of animals. Even Mahika is a part of ASSAM FOREST CONSERVATION. Here we are going to talk about her biography

Name Mahika Sharma
Birthplace Tinsukia, Assam
Born on 26th July 1994
Age 24
Father Manjeet Sharma
Mother Suman Sharma Siwal
School Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tinsukia
College Law from NEF College Guwahati
Profession Model, Actress, Social Worker
Debut  Konikar Ramdhenu
Recent project Bigg Boss 12


Mahika is the animal lover and she is a part of Assam forest conservation. She runs an NGO for poor girls and helps them with their education & career both financially and morally. She also helps needy women to pursue their dreams and to stand for themselves.




Mahika Sharma and her friend Danny D, a British porn star are supposed to be part of Bigg Boss 12 this year. Danny D is producing his first Bollywood movie “THE MODERN CULTURE” in which Mahika will be the lead actress.

He was offered to be a part of the show and he said  “ I will participate only if my friend Mahika will take care of me inside the house” .

Their entry in the big boss will gain good TRP. Yet it’s not confirmed that either they will be the part of the show or not, but if they will, the show will become much more interesting.

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Mahika Sharma Pics

Mahika Sharma is a bold actress and model. And being a part of NGO adds a specialty to her. She has done so many beautiful acts in her life. And she is herself as beautiful as her acts. Here are some stills of Mahika.





Mahika Sharma Achievements

  • Miss Teen Northeast
  • Face of Assam
  • Actress in Assamese, Bhojpuri & Rajasthani movies
  • Part of Assam forest conservation
  • A popular model
  • Social worker

Mahika Sharma Instagram 

On Instagram, Mahika is not really active. But in spite she has a quite good fan following. Her official Instagram account is @memahikasharma

So this was all about MAHIKA SHARMA BIOGRAPHY.

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