Mega Miniature Golf Casting, Audition Call

From the makers of the show “Wipeout,” we bring you a new show, Mega Miniature Golf. The show is a challenge to all the Americans asking only one question “Are you the best mini Golfer in America?” Certainly, this question is going to be overlooked since Miniature Golf or Mini Golf can be considered as child’s play. But do not take it lightly. We are here to assure you that the show will be a house of laughter and competition. As such, Mega Miniature Golf Casting call is now out and applications are being received. So Keep reading for more details.

Mega Miniature Golf Reality Show

Mega Mini Golf is a reality show based on miniature golf. The mini golf is popular around the globe with countries organizing world championships. Mega Miniature Golf show will also involve a competitive game flow. The show is proposed to be grand and this will influence a lot of players and viewers.

So Mega Miniature Golf Casting call is open and below are the details for the same.

Mega Miniature Golf Casting

The Auditions for the reality TV show Mega Miniature Golf are open and we have complete details on how to appear in the show. A chance to relive your childhood, take a look below to find out if you can be a part of the show.

Mega Miniature Golf Casting Eligibility

So All the readers are advised to read the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

Mega Miniature Golf Casting

  1. Be a Legal Resident of USA.
  2. Must be at least 18 Years Old.
  3. You should be available for two days in Los Angeles in February/March 2019.
  4. Must not be convicted of any crime.
  5. You must be free from any and all holding or exclusivity agreements with other television programs.
  6. Candidates from public office are not eligible to appear, and you must agree to not be a part of the same for at least 1 year.

For more details, read the entire page on MysticArt Pictures Portal.

Apply for Mega Miniature Golf TV show

To apply for the show, take a look at the following steps

Step 1

  1. Click on the Login Button Present on MysticArt Pictures Portal.
  2. A Floating Window will open asking your age details. Fill in your DOB and you will be taken to Sign Up Page.
  3. So Enter your Email ID, Choose a secure password, and a security Question.
  4. So Next, press the create profile button

Mega Miniature Golf Casting

Once done a questionnaire will appear about your personal details. Fill it to create your profile.

Step 2

Step 2 involves submitting a video of Yourself. Maximum video length is of 4 Minutes. If your video is longer than 4 minutes, you will not be considered. Here are the instructions for making the video:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Talk about your personality, life-changing events etc.
  3. Show off some mini Golf Skills.

Later you have to submit the video link to Make sure the link you share is downloadable or watchable,

What to make of the Entire Hype?

Mega Miniature Golf Show is a family fun show, with a huge cash prize for the winner. The show will be another reality hit with people competing around a mega mini golf game. Amount of fun and laughter is in the veins of the production house which has so far succeeded in doing the same. Keep up with us for more details in the future.

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