Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes

Festivals are always fun. Just because of the festivals we get breaks and holidays to spend them with our loved ones.

isn’t it too excited to meet friends, family and loved ones after a long?

Christmas is one of that kind of festival that comes with lots of fun and happiness. And here in this article get Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes , quotes for wishing your friends and relative


Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes & Celebration  

Christmas is basically a festival of Christians but also celebrated by non-christian as a culture.

Christmas is celebrated in the joy of the re-emergence of JESUS after being killed by the antagonist. Yet it is a one-day festival but in many countries, people celebrate “Advent” for about a month before the Christmas day.

Although it’s a holly festival it is the reason for many feelings of happiness and Togetherness.



  • 25th December

although the exact date of Jesus return is not known but customly it is celebrated on 25th of December every year.

 Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes


Mostly celebrated by Christians but many non-christian also celebrate the festival.

Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner in many countries.

Christmas custom includes :

  • Decoration
  • Gift giving
  • Advent calendar
  • Caroling or Christmas music
  • Lightning of Christingle
  • Nativity plays
  • Christmas tree
  • Exchange of cards
  • Special meal
  • Santa Claus


These are some prominent customs of Christmas. Even there are so many different traditions though these are common among all. This year Christmas 2018 will be celbrated with full of joy and happiness. 

Merry Christmas Images/Quotes

Celebrations can’t be complete without wishing the happiness of occasion to your loved ones. You should wish your loved ones by sending Quotes, SMS, images on WhatsApp or gif images. Here are some quotes and images that you can send as Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes.

Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes

Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes







Because festival comes with joy, so spread the joy among people around you, no matter who they are!

Give your warm wishes to your relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone who crosses your way on this holy day.

You give the wishes, they will return to you in much more quantity.

You can wish your loved ones by :

  • Giving gifts
  • Giving cards
  • By organizing a party or get together
  • By calling everyone, if possible
  • And By giving a message that they are special to you
  • By becoming a Santa Claus. (The greatest idea for spreading joy among people)

 Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes

So ! This Christmas be a Santa to your loved ones and if possible, be the one for them who are needy & celebrate it in a grand way.

Merry Christmas Song Lyrics

 There are various song that everybody loves to sing on the occasion. But there are mainly two songs which are meant to be sung on this special day.

 Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

One more song which is to be sung on Christmas day is

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
Yeah We wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.

Good tidings to you,
And all of your kin,
Good tidings for Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.



       For Love

Hey Love! This Christmas I promise to be your Santa and will bring smile, happiness, and love through your whole life.


       For friends

May this Christmas brings a new hope, lots of smiles and success through your way. Merry Christmas.


     For  Family

  Thanks for being my Santa always. Thanks for bringing me everything I desired. I wish happiness from the whole universe to you.

So these were some of the Merry Christmas 2018 Wishes which you can send to your loved ones this time.

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