MOMO Challenge leads to 12 Year Old’s Death

A few months back Blue Whale game lead many teenagers to cost their lives. Now this MOMO Challenge in Argentina leads a 12-year-old child to cost his life. It is really a thing is to be surprised that nowadays social media has gone to this level. If the orders in the challenge are not followed, the player is threatened with horror images. And for a 12-year-old child, they are really horrible.

Know about MOMO Challenge

It is very important for all of us to know – what is momo challenge. You can relate it with Blue Whale game as the concept is almost same. This challenge is played from social media accounts- Whats app, Facebook, and Youtube. In this challenge, a sculpture made by a Japanese artist is forwarded to the player with instructions. The player has to follow those strong influencing instructions. Especially there are teens who are becoming victims of this challenge. IF the player of this game is not able to complete the orders in the challenge, he gets threatening. The threatening is in the form of horror images sent to the player.

The situation became so horrible for a 12-year-old child in Argentina that he commits suicide.

momo challenge

How to Prevent your child from MOMO Challenge

We request all the parents and also teenagers not to become the victim of such ridiculous challenges. The parents should also have a look at their child activities. If you are feeling that your child is depressed and stressed sit with him and talk about it.  Children should also be aware of the social media and wrong activities. If you are a teenager you and being indulged in such activity, immediately talk to your elder ones. Other steps which can be taken in order to prevent your child from playing momo challenge online are:

  • Talk to them regularly and spend time with your children regularly.
  • Keep a check on your children activities.
  • Treat your children friendly.
  • Educate them about the pros and cons of social media.
  • Make them feel free to talk to you about anything.
  • Do not prejudge your child, listen to their talks carefully

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