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Recently the government of Australia has extended the deadline of My health record opt out to 15th of November. This year is the people of Australia will get their My Health record after the applications of people opting out is over. The Opt-Out period is of 4 months and will end on 15th of November. Over 9 Lakh people have already opted out of my health record. In this article, we will read about My Health record opt out 2018 applying steps.

What is My health record?

The online record of your health that can be used by doctors and specialist is my health record. The Australian government has made it possible so that quick health services can be delivered. This helps people go paperless and in case of emergencies, your data can be used by doctors.

My Health Record App

There is no official my health record app but people can use a few medical apps to get an online report of their health. Apps let you be flexible, mobile and portable. Such apps will let you get access to your records whenever you visit a doctor for your ailments. The apps that are authorized to connect to My health record Include:

Name Creator or Parent Firm
HealthEngine HealthEngine Pty Ltd
Healthy Chamonix Health Solutions Pty Ltd
HealthNow Telstra Health
Tyde Australia Pty Ltd
My Childs EHealth record The Australian Digital Health Agency

Using the above apps is accepted by My Health record and doctors can also use these apps to get obtain data.

My Health record opt out 2018

Currently, My health record opts out of 2018 is phasing through its four-month period. The phasing period will be over in the month of November. We are here to list out the steps you need to follow to opt out:

  1. Go to the Opt-Out Page to get started.
    My Health record opt out 2018
  2. Verify your Identity to and mention your personal details.
    My Health record opt out 2018
  3. So Complete the step with email confirmation.

To verify your identity:

To verify your identity you must provide the following information:

  • Medicare Card / Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) card
  • one of the following forms of Australian identification:
    • Driver license
    • Passport
    • ImmiCard

How to enroll in My Health Record?

If you don’t have an online health record you can make one using

  • using a myGov account.
    My Health record opt out 2018
  • Medicare enrollment form (for newborn babies) to be filled at the hospital
  • Visiting a Medicare Service Center
  • Or you can call the Helpline 1800 723 471

The My health care program of Australian Government has benefited over 6 lakh people. This is one of a kind program where you can register for your health record. Such a record can be used anywhere even if you are jumping States.

Why opt out of my health record?

Storing your personal information online can be hazardous. In the age of hacking and digital break in’s, nothing is secure. When you have a data which is of high sensitivity level like health records, you are bound to feel insecure. It is because of this that at least 1 million people have chosen my health record opt out 2018. This will ensure their privacy and keep them out of the record.

Can you still get your health record after you opt out?

The answer to the above question is both yes and no. Once you opt out, you will not be able to get the data in the current year unless you re-apply. And You can always visit My Health Record portal to register for it or cancel your record anytime.

Having a privacy concern is genuine but with so many advantages of having a health record online, the choice gets hard. It is necessary for people to be made aware of privacy concerns and should also learn the ways to avoid trouble. So this was all about My Health record opt out 2018.

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