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National Redress Scheme incorporates a mechanism to address the victims of institutional child sexual abuse. The scheme is recommended by Royal Commision which is based out of Royal Commission Act 1902. The National Redress Scheme is Nationwide applicable and key non-government institutions such as the Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Churches, Salvation Army, YMCA and Scouts have joined. We will enumerate every possible detail so that you can benefit yourself or help someone else.

National Redress Scheme Working

National Redress Scheme is one stop portal the for Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. This scheme is operational for a time period of 10 Years beginning from July 1, 2018. Child Sexual abuse can have multiple and profound impacts on not just the victim but on all those who are in the surrounding. To address everything effectively, National Redress Scheme incorporates various points.

This Scheme:

  • Acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions
  • Holds institutions accountable for this abuse, and
  • Helps people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse gain access to counseling and psychological services
  • A direct personal response, and a monetary payment.

National Redress Scheme

Who Can Apply for National Redress Scheme?

While it is an easy task to define who all can apply for the scheme, we have to take a look at the protocol for the same. Here are the details for who can apply.

You can Apply for the scheme

  • If you experienced sexual abuse when you were under 18 year of age and
    • the abuse happened before 1 July 2018, and
    • an institution was responsible for bringing you into contact with the person who abused you.
  • If you were born before 30 June 2010.
  • If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

All of the points mentioned above mandatory for the application.

Application Processing System

The applications are processed differently and you need to be aware of the following points.

  • If you were abused in an institution that hasn’t joined the National Redress Scheme
  • Or If you are under 18
  • If you have ever been sentenced to more than 5 years in jail
  • Or If you have already received a payment related to the abuse

For complete details, you can visit the Portal For the National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme Application Form

To apply for the scheme you should take care of the following steps:

  1. First, you need to create the MyGov Account. Do so by Visiting MyGov Portal.
  2. Agree to terms and conditions.
  3. Fill in your email id. You will receive a code on the same, put the code for the next step.
  4. Choose to add a phone number and set up your password.
  5. Select 3 Security questions and Your account will be ready.
  6. Go back to MyGov Portal and Link your first service. Choose National Redress Scheme

So In this way, you can access the National Redress Scheme Application form online. Alternatively, you can download the offline postal form this link.

National Redress Scheme Hotline

You can call 1800737377 to contact the Scheme Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM local time.

What are the Benefits of National Redress Scheme?

The National Redress Scheme offers

  1. Monetary payment up to $150,000
  2. Counseling and Psychological Support. If you cannot reach someone in your area for this, you will receive a payment of up to $5000.
  3. A direct personal response from the responsible institution(s).

Humanity and Humaneness

Do you think we are done? Well, not yet. The Scheme is just in the beginning phase. It will end in July 2027 when the 10 years tenure completes. We need all the help and support for the victims of Child Sexual abuse. We must also realize the cost the humanity has to pay which is not just monetary but also the mental trauma which has a huge impact on the upliftment and growth as an individual.



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