NSW School Holidays 2019

NSW Term and Holiday Dates

Holidays for government and non-government schools in New South Wales Are divided into 4 different terms – 1, 2, 3, 4 by  NSW Department of Education.

Term start and end dates from school-to-school in government and non-government schools usually follow the same schedule but it may vary sometimes from school to school. Variation is not much but it can be a day or two days before or after From the normal holiday schedule. Here check NSW Term and Holiday dates for 2018 and 2019.

New South Wales School Calendar 2018

Let us discuss 2018 term dates and holidays before 2019. Till now 3 terms has been gone. And now there will be starting of Term 3 holidays. Check it out holidays dates before NSW School Holidays 2019.

TermStarting DateEnding Date
Term 3 24th July 201828th September 2018
Term 3 School Holidays29th September 201814th October 2018
Term 415th October 201819th December 2018
Eastern Division Holidays22nd December 201828th January 2019
Western Division Holidays22nd December 20184th February 2019

There are school development days at the start of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Terms and the last 2 days of the year after the 4th term in NSW schools.

NSW school term dates 2019

NSW school holidays are divided into

  • Eastern Division
  • Western Division.

NSW School Holidays 2019

School Term dates will be the same for 2nd to 4th Term except for First Term. 1st Term Dates will be different for both the divisions. 

TERM 1 Eastern Division29th January 201912th April 2019
TERM 1 Western Division5th February 201912th April 2019
TERM 229th April 20195th July 2019
TERM 322nd July 201927th September 2019
TERM 414th October 201920th December 2019

NSW School Holidays 2019

The term holidays will be same for both the divisions except 4th term holidays. Only 4th term holidays will be different. following are the dates of term holidays of NSW school. Apart from term 1, none other term holidays are being classified as eastern or western but they follow the same schedule in both the divisions

TERM 1 HOLIDAYS13th April 201928th April 2019
TERM 2 HOLIDAYS6th July 201921st July 2019
TERM 3 HOLIDAYS28th September 201913th October 2019
TERM 4 Eastern Division HOLIDAYS21st December 201927th January 2020
TERM 4 Western Division HOLIDAYS21st December 20193rd February 2020

holidays start from different dates in term 1 in both the divisions but ends in the same date.

Although these dates are not for every school most of the school in NSW will follow this schedule.

However, these dates may vary from school to school but government school in New South Wales will strictly follow this schedule.


Before holidays of Term1, 2 & 3 teachers from every school have to go through some developmental period in which teachers are trained for giving better education in next session of school.

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