Rising Star Award 2019

WeAreTheCity Rising star Awards

Risping Star Award is a recognition award started by We Are The City. We Are The City is basically aiming at Supporting the Female Pipeline. Rising Star Award basically started in 2015 and started with the motive of recognizing 500 women’s achievements and awarding them in the UK. Also, then Rising Star Award will be open for distinguished in India too by 2018.

Rising Star Award 2019

This award series is powered The Times- The Sunday Times (Know Your Time). And the award series is sponsore by Cancer Research UK; CMI Women; EPAA: Executive and Personal Assistants Association; JH Jessica Huie Public Relations; Jobbio; Kier; L Loyd’s; L Loyds Bank, Northern Trust; Pedal Sure (covering you and your bike); Reed Smith; Royal Navy; Sage; Sodexo; 3M; Accenture (high performance delivered); Aon; Barclays; Bloomberg.

The rising star awards are basically for women who are below top management or who are below director level in order to recognize the future leaders of tomorrow. Apart from this the companies promoting gender equality and encourage female staff to reach new heights are also recognized and awarded.

Rising Star Award 2019

In 2015 the following categories were taken in consideration for awards EAs and PAs; Banking; Consultancy; HR and Recruitment; Insurance; Investment Management; Law; Media; Sport; Technology.

Rising Star Award 2018

This year the categories have increased and following are they: Banking and Capital Market; Charity; Consulting; Defence; Digital Diversity; EA and PA; Education and Academia; Entrepreneurs and Startup (facilities, property, and construction); Health care, Human Resource and Recruitment; Insurance; Investment Management; Law (The Lynee Freeman Award); Media and Journalism; Public Relation (Communication and Marketing); Science and Engineering; Sport; Technology; Champion; Company.

This year Rising Star Award has a women alumni of 250 women (earlier winners) and is about to add a batch of 100 women again.

Types of Nominations

  • Rising Star: In this category, Rising Star Award will have nominations of those women who are working under any of the category specified and are under director level.
  • Rising Star Champion: In this category, Rising Star Award will have nominations of those senior level individuals who are into championing of gender equality.
  • Company of the Year: This category of Rising Star Award will have nominations of the company which articulated their commitment to support their female talent pipeline.

Rising star Award Process

  • To nominate for Rising Star Awards one just need to tell in 150 words or less why the nominee you believe in deserves Rising Star Award. Also, one can self nominate and can nominate again if did not receive the reward earlier.
  • Nominations are to be sent at info@wearethecity.com
  • The nominee will then be asked few questions and the answers should be backed with supporting information requested.
  • The entries will then be sent to the first round judges to have shortlisted candidates. This list will have only 10 women from each industry category. The candidates shortlisted will then have an evening event hosted by Bloomberg.
  • Finally, the second level judge panel will select the 100 Rising Stars.

Criteria for Rising Star Award 2019

  • Age no barrier, women of any age can be nominate for Rising Star Award.
  • In an organization, the nominee should not be a director and must be below senior level management.
  • The nominee must be an employee and working in the industry they are nominate for.
  • Also, the nominee should be working in the UK.

For more details, you may log on to https://risingstars.wearethecity.com

So this was all about Rising Star Award 2019. Soon the result will be out. We will update the winners’ list here.

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