Spicejet Air Cargo Service

Spice jet Airlines, one of the most passenger favorite airline has recently announced its first-ever pan-global freighter cargo service. Spice Jet Cargo service will start its first freighter flight on the 18th of September. so here in this article, we will study about Spicejet Air Cargo Service.

Potential of Air Cargo Service

According to Spicejet chairman Air Cargo service in India has a huge potential. Not many airlines originating from India deliver such services. India mostly relies on Ship-based cargos or railway freighters. As such it was imperative and was only a matter of time before someone grabs the untapped market share.

Spicejet airlines will operate cargo services in India and abroad with the name SpiceXpress. It has already included first Boeing 737 aircraft for its cargo service which will follow both National and International route. The SpiceXpress aims at including at least four Boeing Aircrafts for expanding its cargo services.

SpiceXpress Plan Layout

Spicejet already had cargo services operated in India but it was only a side business. Now it has launched a dedicated service of cargo and this can turn tides in its favor. With a rising E-commerce and advent of global markets like Walmart and Amazon, the huge cargo potential will be explored.

The operational and regulation capability of SpiceJet is state of the art and the SpiceJet cargo service or SpiceXpress will benefit from it. The engineers and pilots and staff which is already working for the SpiceJet will be included in the SpiceXpress thereby saving the cost.

Aim of SpiceXpress

The cost Incremental model as such will help the company to produce services at a greater scale. The SpiceJet has already chalked out the complete layout for SpiceXpress and has following aims:

  1. Including already working staff for making state of the art SpiceJet Cargo Service.
  2. To include at least four freighter aircraft before the end of Financial Year 2019.
  3. To extend the freighter service to as many as 10 countries including England, US, Australia.

Spicejet Air Cargo Service

SpiceJet Air Cargo Service regions covered

Currently, the Cargo service is dedicated to fly to:

  1. Honkong, China
  2. Kabul, Afghanistan
  3. Amritsar
  4. Bengaluru
  5. Delhi

so these were the regions under Spicejet Air Cargo Service.

SpiceXpress Cargo Rates

The SpiceXpress Cargo can carry as much as 600 Tons on its Boeing 737 Aircraft at a time. While as much as 1 ton can be carried on smaller Q400 Aircrafts. The cargo can vary from General goods to Livestock and animals.

Weight Price
4 Ton and above tba
2-4 Ton tba
999kg to 2 Ton tba
500kg to 999 kg tba
500 kg and below tba


You can avail discount on bulk transfers.

SpiceXpress Cargo Booking and Spicejet Cargo Contact number

Spicejet cargo booking can be done by contacting the regional booking agent. We can expect an online portal soon for the SpiceXpress Cargo Service where you can book space for commuting your cargo across National and international boundaries.

Spicejet Cargo Tracking

Since the service is fairly new so one can expect some progress later in time. Currently, if you wish to track your cargo which is onboard by visiting the online portal http://spicejet.smartkargo.com/ .

With an aim to tap into the potential of dedicated Air Freighter services, the SpiceJet has played an ace in the hole and is bound to benefit from it. So It faces as severe competition from Railways who as long-standing infrastructure and fluctuating Air fuel prices the Spicejet cargo service has a long way to go.

So this was all about Spicejet Air Cargo Service.

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