Super Singer Junior Voting

Super Singer Junior Voting

Voting is the main factor in Super Singer Junior or ThamizhagathinChellakuralukkanaThedal, translated means the search for the sweetest voice.

This is a singing reality show, wherein best of all the talented people in singing gets to compete for the title of Super Singer. The show is such that it gives the young talent or children a platform that can take their career to heights of singing.

In this article, we will get to know about the Super Singer Junior Voting methods. How you can vote for your favorite contestant.

Super Singer Junior Voting 2019

Super singer Junior has already completed its 5 seasons and is currently about to complete its 6th season. But for the successful completion, Super Singer Junior will have to eliminate many of its best singers, so as to choose the final contestant who can have the title of Super Singer Junior 2019.

For all this process of elimination, the show has decided to involve the viewers too. As in many other shows, the audience or the viewers are asked to vote for their favorite contestant, same will be the pattern here. The viewers will be asked to vote for their favorite contestant and save him or her from elimination.

So for that, you must be keen to know how you can vote for any contestant and how you can save him or her from elimination. And here we have all that you need to know regarding voting. You may continue reading here to know regarding Super Singer Junior Google voting 2019 and its Result, etc.

Super Singer Junior Online Google Voting

To vote online you can use your Google account. For that the entire process is briefed out here:

  • You got to open up the Google search engine first of all.
  • Therein you can either simply log in to your google account or else if you don’t know your Google account credentials they are just the same as your Gmail account.
  • Then simply search for Super Singer junior Voting.
  • Therein you will have the full list of all the contestants on the show.
  • Then you may choose the contestant you want to vote for.
  • Hit the Submit button, to confirm your vote.

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There are certain terms and conditions that one has to follow in order to confirm their vote. They are:

  • The voter must have a google account in order to vote.
  • The voter can vote 50 times maximum each day.
  • One may vote in the prescribed timing that is from 08:30 pm on Sunday till 12 pm on Tuesday, every week.

Along with your votes, another thing that will be considered to decide the contestants’ presence in the show is the results declared by the judges. So the judges in the show are Shankar Mahadevan, K.S. Chithra, S.P.B. Charan, and Kalpana Raghavendra. Their results will also affect the contestant’s evaluation and hence decide whether the contestant will be eliminated or sustain in the show.

Super Singer Junior Voting

Super Singer Junior 6 Contestants Vote

Here are the contestants whom you have to vote in order to save him/her from being eliminated. You will have the option to choose whom to vote from the following contestants:

  • ChinmayiSivakumar
  • Poovaiyar (Guppies)
  • Vidhyarupini, Dharshini
  • Dhanush, Vishalini
  • GokilaPriya
  • Rithik
  • Srinivas
  • Ahana
  • Teju
  • Aishwarya
  • AnandBairav Sharma
  • Nikhil
  • Suriya Anand
  • Anushya
  • Lehasri
  • Drishya
  • Harsha
  • Mirlahni

Super Singer Junior Winner

Your voting is precious for all the contestant as it will help them sustain in the show. Or else, they may get eliminated before even reaching the Super Singer Junior grand finale. Till now there are 5 winners. Here we go.

2ndAlka Ajith

Soon there will be 6th name of the winner. So you keep on voting for your favorite contestant and help him or her win the show and the title of Super Singer Junior 6.

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