Survivor 2018 Winner

Another Season of Survivor US Series has come to an end. Where the contestants are making it up to the finale by fighting against the hard conditions to survive, it is confirmed that only the strongest one will win the season. On 19th December 2018, there is going to be another finale of the show. Soon we will be able to have Survivor 2018 Winner name. Let’s have a detailed look at the finale.

Survivor Season 37

Every season of Survivor comes up with a unique theme. It has completed its 36 seasons successfully. At present Survivor Season, 37 is going on on CBS Network. This season the show is themed as Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Surviving till the finale, now the remaining contestants are upto becoming the winner of Survivor 2018. 

Survivor 2018 Winner

Survivor Finale 2018 Result

The season finale is going to be on 19th December 2018. With the Jury votes, there will be the announcement of Survivor 2018 Winner. In the finale, only 6 contestants will compete against one another. Now the question is which tribe is going to make it this time. David or Goliath. The finale is not so far. Within a fraction of time, we are going to update the name of the Survivor Finale winner. All the results will be out on 19th Dec 2018. So, guys, you need to wait and be with us for updates.

Name of The ShowSurvivor
ThemeDavid vs Goliath
Season Fianle19th Dec 2018
No. Of Contestants20
No. Of Days39

Survivor 2018 Winner

Survivor 2018 Winner

In the previous season, Wendell Holland was the winner. Let’s find out who is going to win season 37. The show has been extended for Season 38 also. Which is going to premiere from Feb 2019. There are going to be 3 top contestants. Winner, Runner-up and 2nd Runner Up. Guess who is going to make up to Winner of the season.

Winner TBD
Runner UpTBD
2nd Runner UpTBD

The winner is going to have a grand cash prize of $10,00,000. So no matter what the contestants are going to work hard to have this amount as the winning prize.

In the show, the contestants have to perform tasks and to win the food shelter and immunity for themselves. No doubt the top 6 made it till now. But the winner can be only one. so be here for Survivor 2018 winner name.

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