The Order Netflix Series – Ending Explained, Season 2, Cast

I was thinking the other day how tough my freshman year was. And then, all of a sudden I found this new American Netflix series. Well, I have to admit that Netflix really is on another level. Name of this magnificent series is The order. I have watched a couple of this year’s Netflix series consisting Sex Education, The Umbrella Academy, The Russian Doll, and The Order. Being a Netflix freak, I totally think that The order Netflix Series is surely one of the best shows this year.

This show deserved the amount of hype it had. You’re probably here because you want to get reviews of The order season 1 or you want to get information about The order season 2. Well, whatever it is, we got you covered. So, this article holds all the information you need to know about this series. You better not skip even one line and keep reading about The order episodes, cast, premiere date.

The Order Netflix Series

Everyone loves to watch a good web series while slouching on their bed. That’s what I thought I would do while watching the order. I guess I was wrong. This series kept me hyped the whole season. I literally watched the whole season in one day and that too without blinking an eye. So, if you’re asking if you should watch it or not. I would suggest you to definitely give it a try and then thank me later. So, this show is based upon the eternal rivalry between magical dark arts and werewolves. This makes it a supernatural horror series.

Original NetworkNetflix
Country of OriginUSA
Created By Dennis Heaten and Shelley Eriksen
Premiere Date7th March 2019
GenreDrama, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery

Jack Morton, a college freshman gets to join a secret society- The Order. The order consists of a group of people with magical powers. As Jack starts gaining experience, many dark, deep secrets get in his way. All hell breaks loose when Jack finds out that there is a battle between magical dark arts and werewolves. The whole audience has admitted that this show needs to get 5 stars and that’s why rotten tomatoes and ratings of this show are on fire.

The Order Netflix Series
The Order Series Cast 

It is a supernatural series, and all the star cast has been taken wisely. Everyone justified their roles. Here are the main characters of the show.

Jake Manley – Jack Morton
Sarah Grey – Alyssa
Max Martini
Matt Frewer
Sam Trammell

The Order Ending Explained

The cast of this show was another reason why it is one of the most hit Netflix shows. Jake Manley- who also starred in Heroes reborn stole the show. Also, Sarah Grey – Stargirl from The legends of tomorrow gave her best and won many hearts. The order episodes are linked with each other in such a way that one can simply do not resist himself/herself from watching another. There are 10 episodes in the first season. The ending of the last episode of the first season left all of us traumatized and clearly left hope for season 2.

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The Order Season 2 Release Date

The first season of this show is available on Netflix since 7th March 2019. After watching the whole first season in 15 hours, the first thing that came in my mind was “Will there be a second season? if yes, When will they release season 2?”. You’re probably here because you thought the same. Well, don’t worry!. The order Season 2 is confirmed by the show officials and it will be released next year. The trailer of season 2 of this show will be released a month before the premiere.

The Order Netflix Series

So, yeah we have to wait a little more for season 2 without getting bored. But, that’s what Netflix does the best – always help us to find great shows and never let us down. By the way, we also list the best Netflix shows on our website. Just check it out and maybe you’ll end up finding another hair-raising Netflix show.

According to the sources, The Order Netflix Series officials don’t want to wait and want to release the second season as soon as possible. Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen also said in their recent interview admitted that they don’t want the audience to wait much for season 2. There will be much more updates that you must know in the upcoming days. The only way to do that is by visiting this article on regular basis. Share this article with your Netflix buddy. Maybe, he/she is still traumatized by The order episodes. adios, amigo :).

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