The Umbrella Academy Season 2 – Cast, Review, Ending Explained

After watching The Umbrella Academy trailer for the 1000th time, we finally got those electrifying episodes on Netflix. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 is being streamed on Netflix. The show started streaming on 15th February. It’s been a few days and the show has already got such a strong response from the audience. So, you’re probably a web series lover and wisely choose which web series you want to watch.

Well, if you’re thinking about watching Season 1, definitely give it a try. If you’re here after watching the whole season and want to know about The Umbrella Academy Season 2 or Season 1 ending explanation – congratulations!!. You’re at the right place. Keep reading.

Season 115th Feb 2019
Season 2TBD
Original NetworkNetflix
No. Of Episodes10
GenreAmerican Fiction, mystery, Sci-fi, superhero, Drama, Comedy
Original LanguageEnglish

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 was surely a breathtaking ride of emotions, action and family drama.  The show is based upon a comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The show shows a family (Siblings to be precise) with different superpowers. Basically, nobody between those siblings was blood-related. Sir Reginald Hargreeves (also known as The Monocle) adopted all of the superheroes when they all were a child.

So, till the fifth episodes, we get to see all the individual storylines. There are seven individuals with extreme powers. There were 43 children born on the same day but only 7 of them were able to get into The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Cast

The Monocle didn’t consider giving a name to any of them and calls them all with numbers. But, the original managed to give some cool name to them. So, the seven Netflix superheroes (The Umbrella Academy cast) are :

  • Space boy (Number 1) aka Luther
  • The Kraken (Number 2) aka Diego
  • The Rumor (Number 3) aka Allison
  • The Seance(Number 4) aka Klaus
  • Aidan Gallagher(Number 5)- Never Named
  • The Horror(Number 6) aka Ben
  • The white Violen(Number 7) aka Vanya

These were the season 1 cast and will be the cast for season 2 also.

The Umbrella Academy Ending Explained

It’s ridiculously normal if the ending of this American web series is into your head. That was exactly what happened when I watched the last episode. The show becomes wilder after the fifth episode when every academy character is introduced. The show’s awesomeness level speeds up when the seven Netflix superheroes finally come together and try to get rid of the mystery of their father’s death i.e The monocle.

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So, at the end of the season, we get our potential main villain of the show. The very own member of The Umbrella Academy – Vanya a.k.a. The White Violin (Number 7). That was one of the most shocking plot twists I have ever seen. Vanya was quite in the whole season but turns out to be a cool villain. Right now, we have multiple unanswered questions. These unanswered questions will surely lead to The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

The Umbrella Academy Renewed or Cancelled for Season 2 ??

Season 1 of this show is a pack of 10 The Umbrella Academy episodes with each episode increasing the hair-raising level. So we’ve seen a shocking ending to the season 1 where Vanya – a member of the academy turns out to be the main villain. The white violen vows to destroy the whole world and Number 5, also known as the time Traveller kid is considered to stop her. Apparently, all we know about this Time traveler kid is that he’s not really a kid. Number 5 is a 58 years old man trapped in a 13 years old body. Weird! isn’t it?. Well, The Umbrella Academy officials have saved much more action and drama for season 2. It seems like Season 2 was pre-decided by the producers of the show. 

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Season 2 The Umbrella Academy Premiere Date

Apparently, it’s too early for anyone to provide any information about season 2. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 release date will be in the August this year. Season 1 was premiered on 15th Feb 2019 on NETFLIX. But, we’ll get you updated as soon as we’ll get any information. By the way, The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer will be out in a few days and we know you don’t want to miss that do you? XD. Keep visiting us and do share this article with your friend who is still traumatized by the show’s ending and help him out. Have a great day. Adios :).

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