The Voice UK 2019 Voting Process, Winner

Some of the top Competitive reality TV shows include music shows. Competitive music shows are filled with passion. A passion that drives the competition, the music never really goes out of style. One of the show’s that exhibit this trait particularly is The Voice UK. The Voice TV show is a beautifully constructed reality music show. It involves the level of competition that is fair and just. Today we will fill you in with details including The Voice UK 2019 Voting Process.

The Voice UK 2019 Voting

The Voice UK is a TV show based on the original franchise The Voice of Holland. It has many franchises around the world. The show is popular for its selection style and show format. It airs on BBC One channel and has a wide range of viewership around the world. The show features the following format:

  • Blind Auditions
  • Battle Rounds
  • Knockout Rounds
  • Live Show

Along with this, the show awards the finale winner with a music contract and Nationwide fame. The selected contestants are coached by top musicians of the country who shape them into future stars. This is an incredible feat and rarely any music show does this. Well, you would want to support the contestants here, for that you have the chance to vote. Let’s know more about voting in the show.

The Voice UK 2019 Voting

How To Vote in The Voice UK

The Voice UK 2019 Voting Process is fairly simple but has its nuances. To vote for your favorite contestant first you must be aware of all the ways you can cast your vote in the show.

1. The Voice UK 2019 Online Voting Process 

The voting process for the Voice UK 2019 is fairly simple if you want to vote online. By online voting, we mean voting via the Website of BBC One. To do that, we have listed the steps for you to follow:

  1. Go to the BBC One Website and Register Yourself Using This Link and create a BBC ID
  2. Once the BBC ID is Created, verify your email and to confirm the authenticity.
  3. Once done, log in again using the newly created BBC ID.
  4. After login, go to the BBC One The Voice UK 2019 Voting Page.
  5. So On the Voting page, The Name of Artists will be displayed in the Alphabetical order.
  6. Choose the one you want to vote for and Click on the Vote Now button at the bottom of the page.

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If you follow the steps correctly, you will end be with successful Vote. But there are other ways of voting that you can follow.

The Voice UK 2019 Voting

2. The Voice UK 2019 MSDC Voting Process

MSDC stands for Mobile Short Dialing Code. This is one of the older methods of voting which is widely followed by many TV shows. This method involves the following nuances:

  • A common phone number will be displayed for all the artists
  • The contestants will have a unique two digit code attached to them.
  • You can use this code along with voting line phone number to vote for your favorite artist.
  • Dialing of MSDC involves network charges of 35p.

This method is better than texting because your vote is immediately registered. Using MSDC, only one vote is allowed at a time from a particular line.

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3. The Voice UK Voting App 2019

Another way to Vote in the show is using the Voice UK App. It is available on both the Play store and App store and can be easily used to do the voting. Here is the process that you can follow.

  1. Download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, open the app and register yourself
  3. You will find a host of things that you can do within the app, but let us focus on voting.
  4. While watching the show live, voting lines within the app will be open and you will be able to vote for your favorite contestant.
  5. So Using app you can watch the community of fans polling on which player should win

The Voice UK 2019 Winner

The winner for the Voice UK 2019 will be announced when the reaches its end stages. Voice UK will begin airing starting from 5 January 2019. The show is bound to wrap in April and that is when the new winner for the show will be announced.

7Ruti Olajugbagbe
6Mo Adeniran
5Kevin Simm
4Stevie McCrorie
3Jermain Jackman
2Andrea Begley
1Leanne Mitchell

The Voice UK 2019: The show everyone longs for

So The Voice UK 2019 is one of the best places for the youngsters and musicians who want to jumpstart their career. Not only the winner gets the cake but even the participants owing to their sheer talents win the hearts of people. They make into headlines and soon before we all know they are famous across nations. That can be anyone who is willing to work hard for it and do it the right way


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