Star Plus The Voice Voting India Season 3

Musical Reality TV shows are some of the most viewed genres by families. Looking at this genre, we come to find that competitive music shows are the most popular. In such shows, Contestants sing, perform, work hard and give their best. All this for only one thing, to get a shot at fame, to be declared as the best. Some people just want to meet others as talented as them and see on what level they are. Today we present to you the TV show that was recently shifted from &TV. It is The Voice India and in this article, we will discuss numerous details including Star Plus The Voice Voting India. Let’s know more about the show.

The Voice India 2019

The Voice India is a Music Contest Reality TV show based on Dutch Original The Voice Franchise. It is a part of the same. The first season of the show aired back in 2015-2016. It was during this time that the show became hugely popular and a junior version called the Voice India Kids was announced. Later in 2017, the second season of the show aired. Currently, the audition rounds for the New season of The Voice India are going on. But the change is earlier it was for & Tv and now for star plus. Star Plus The Voice Voting window details are scarce.

The show first aired on &TV but now has been shifted to Star Plus Network. Season 3 for the same will air on Star Plus.

The Voice India show Format

Similar to the International Franchise of the Voice, the show has 3 levels of Selection to Semis. These are:

  • The Blind Auditions
  • Battle Rounds
  • Live Performance

Star Plus The Voice Voting

In the Blind Auditions, each coach selects up to 14 singers for their team. Post that the singers are mentored and they go into battle rounds. Two singers are pitted together and the Coach chooses which one he wants. Live performance round helps in the selection to final rounds. In Live performance rounds, there are three stages:

  • For stage 1, a coach can save only 3 singers.
  • In stage 2, a coach can save only 2 singers.
  • For the last stage, a coach can only save 1 singer.

So The complete process leaves us with semi-finalists.

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The voice India auditions

Star Plus The Voice Voting India 2019

The details for Star Plus The Voice Voting (India) 2019 are currently scarce. Since the show is currently taking auditions in various cities in India, the voting rounds start as soon the audition rounds are over. As soon as we get the official updates about Star Plus The Voice Voting India, we will remind all the info. The Info may include

  • Missed Call Number details
  • SMS code details or
  • Online Voting Details. Star Plus has a decent Online Voting System. We can expect ways to vote in the Voice show using online methods.

The Voice Voting India

The Voice India Online Voting 2019

The show will go on air after the finale of Dance +4. As the show starts and proceeds according to its rounds, there will be the voting process that will run side by. When Battle round will start there will be an online voting process that will also start. The voting will be done in the following manner.

  • Either you can vote online or you will be provided with missed call codes.
  • all you need to do is to give a missed call.
  • Every contestant will be given a unique code.
  • So give a miss call on the particular number.

The Voice India Live Vote

From the Semifinal round, there will be live vote process. In earlier seasons of the Voice we saw that the public present there are the one who cast live vote. but we are not sure if Star plus changes rules. but if there will be live vote process, then it will start from the semifinal round itself. So stay connected to be updated regarding these details.


The show, we can say recently shifted to a bigger channel which has a wider viewership. So This will boost the show a lot and may increase the revenue to Star Plus. Well, not to be Hitchy, the move to a new channel may backfire but that remains to be seen. Once the auditions are over, we all will be in for a real treat. And soon Star Plus the Voice Voting 2019 will start. Until then, Let’s hope for the best!

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