Upcoming Fortnite Update 5.40

Currently Fortnite game by Epic Games is nearing the end of its season 5. While people are busy in battle royal, new fortnite update 5.40 has been announced by Epic Games. The game is in its week 10 and Fortnite update 5.40 is bound to bring in new goodies and also will vault some weapons.

With the update going live, gamers have experienced the following changes:

Suppressed Assault Rifle

  1. Fortnite Update 5.40 has brought in an assault rifle with suppressor nuzzle in battle royale mode.
  2. The Rifle is obtainable via vending machines, supply loot, treasure chest, and floor loot.
  3. The weapon will do a damage of 34 with high precision.

Drum Gun Vaulted

The drum gun which has ruled the current meta so far has been vaulted. The Fortnite Update 5.40 does not specify why the gun has been locked out, but it said that the game needs balancing out. So the OP weapon Drum Gun has been valued to make way for Suppressed Assault Rifle

Field Agent Rio and Tougher Weekly Horde Challenges

A new field agent comes into Fortnite Save the world mode. Agent Rio has joined the battle. Weekly challenges have been made tougher, with the statement that shields will not help and the player will take on huskier challenges.

Fortnite Update 5.40

Fortnite 5.40 Bug Fixes and Changes

Battle Royal

  1. No Longer landing on Van, without Building in LTM Getaway mode
  2. Reduced Victory Music
  3. Suppressed Assault Rifle Added and Drum Gun removed.
  4. Enforcer Outfit Fixed.
  5. Matchmaking for south-east Asia is now available.

Save the World Mode

  1. Earn Field Agent Rio when you complete the new Weekly horde challenge 6.
  2. Challenge Repeatable.
  3. Field Agent Rio has phase cannon as new perk dealing 60 base damage.
  4. Wraith Assault Rifle added to the weekly store.

Apart from these, you can visit Epic games to read the complete list of Bug Fixes and performance Enhancement for in new Fortnite update 5.40.

The new update will bring plenty of changes to the meta wherein Drum gun has been vaulted. But the new suppressor Assault Rifle aka the Wraith will rule the meta if used in the controlled burst. My favorite is the new Field Agent Rio and will get it in my first attempt. What about you?

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