US Airforce Recruitment 2019 Application

Finding a career i.e both rewarding and satisfying is a formidable task. Most of the career choices end up becoming compromises with your life per se. The wish list ends abruptly and all that you end up understanding is the fact that you are stuck now. Switching career is not an option because of liabilities and responsibilities. So, before you live your life full of regret, a career option that is full of honor and pride is here for you. US Airforce Recruitment 2019 is here and we will share all the details with you.

US Airforce Recruitment 2019: The career in US Airforce

The career option in the US Airforce is enormous. There are over 200 career options for any Young Airforce Aspirant to choose from. These career options can be scouted early on, taken for granted you have the right attitude and skill set. United States Airforce is the right place for you to groom and decorate yourself. Some of the highlighted career options we are talking about are:

  • Security Forces
  • Special Operations
  • Flying Pilot
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Maintenance
  • Missile and Aerospace Engineering
  • Air Traffic Control Officer.

And the list goes on. Talking about these careers, the scope of growth in United States Airforce is high. Next, we will answer the question what is the eligibility criteria of US Airforce.


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US Airforce Recruitment Basic Requirements

There are two classes of Enlistment when you start off your career in US Airforce. Airman and Officer. Let’s talk about the Basic Requirements of both:

Airmen Officer
Age Between 17 and 39 Years Aged between 17-39 Years of Age
A legal US Citizen or Permanent Resident A Legal US Citizen or Permanent Resident
Must have a High School Diploma, College GED with at least 15 credits Have Alteast A Bachelors Degree

For Speciality Career in Healthcare, Aerospace, Law etc

  • Age Between 18-48
  • Relevant Bachelors Degree
  • A Legal US Citizen
  • License to practice your career.

US Airforce Recruitment 2019

After meeting the basic Requirements, you have to also meet the standards of US Airforce recruitment:

  • Check Out Officers Standards Here
  • Check Out Enlisted Airmen Standards Here

Once you are through with this, you can go ahead and apply for the recruitment process:

How to Apply for US Airforce 2019

To apply for US Airforce Recruitment 2019, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to US Airforce Official PortalUS Airforce Recruitment 2019 
  2. Next Up create a profile for your self. Press the account button on the top Right corner.
  3. Once done, Login to your profile.
  4. From there, go to  Apply now PortalUS Airforce Recruitment 2019 
  5. Fill in the form and the Airforce Recruiter will contact you.
  6. The candidate must have the all the required documents when called for interview.

Required Documents

  1. A citizenship proof
  2. High School diploma or college degree certificate
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Parents support affidavit

Other than this, make sure you are of sound physical and mental health. You should have as many as 90 credits if you have a bachelors degree and should be eligible if applying for specialty careers.

Further Benefits

The benefits of a career in the air force are huge and incentives are great, The specialty careers are great as the pay as much as $80,000 and above, An enlisted officer is also bound to earn as much as $30,000. We can only wish you good luck in your pursuit of greatness since US Airforce honors you with the same only if you deserve it.

That’s all folks! This was all about US Airforce Recruitment 2019. In case of any query and doubt, you may ask us. And we will make sure to update you with the latest information regarding the topic.


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