US Midterm Elections 2018 Polls, Voting

US Midterm Elections 2018 is scheduled to be held in November. The local and state level authorities are conducting these elections. There is no federal influence on these but the results of these elections will have a huge impact upon the federal government. The Poll results US Midterms are already making rounds in media and Political Spheres. Let us take a look at all the details of the same.

US Midterm Elections 2018 Polls Results

During these midterm elections, 35 out of 100 seats will be contested in the US Senate. Since Elections are being administered by Local and State authorities, 39 state and territorial governorships and other state and local elections will also be contested. The predictions from Poll Results are also through. Here are the details of the same:

  • 26 Democrat-held seats and 9 Republican-held seats are being contested
  • Democrats are up and running for catching 4 Republican seats but Kavanaugh Case has caused slips in two of them.
  • Democratic senators, Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly of Indiana are under speculation for their opposition to Justice Kavanaugh
  • Recent Polls Suggest the Democrats could take up to 40 Seats.
  • Democrats have a 5 in 6 chance as revealed by 538 poll results. 1 in 6 for Republicans

US Midterm Elections 2018

US Midterm Polls Verdict

From the above statements, one can easily conclude that Democrats are under a lot of pressure. But, the poll results are predicting them worthy enough to Flip the houses and reach the Majority of 218 in the coming future. While Republicans don’t have much to take home, the Brett Kavanaugh Case has been the most influential and may even taint their good fortunes.

US Midterm Elections Date 2018

The midterm elections are scheduled to be held on November 6, 2018. The time is of prime importance since now less than two weeks remain. While Poll results may suggest otherwise, the common public can hint at changing wind tides in no time.

America Midterm Elections 2018 Result

Although everything is tentative, the results are leaning towards Republicans. As many as 13 senators are up for grabbing seats and this is just the start. We will update the results as soon as they are available.


While we have already stated that Democrats have a heavy punch, the Republicans aren’t out yet. All these senate seats will be up for grabs as the time progresses. Meanwhile, you have to watch out for all the trends and be careful while you cast your precious vote during US Midterm Elections 2018.

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