How to vote in American Idol 2019

American Idol is a competitive music show that airs on the ABC network. It is a reality show where contestants compete against each other. The Judges of the show critique the contestants and viewers have the option to vote for their favorite contestant. Artists stay alive in the contest with the help of voting. In this article, we will describe American Idol Voting 2019,  how you can vote using various methods of voting. Well yeah!! there are 3 ways to vote for your favorite artist and help them achieve their dreams.

The show has reached at such a level where the judges and the audience have to choose Top 20 contestants for further competition. Among all the contestants, name the contestants who are your favorite one. Now it is sure that you must know the voting process in American Idol.

American Idol Voting 2019

The process of Voting in the American Idol show has been simplified over the years. Presently, you can vote using various ways. You will be given 30 votes in total per week.

  • The first way to vote Online
  • Second Way is to vote on App
  • Last way is Text Voting

You can give these votes on various platforms in order to save the contestant. And these votes are distributed among all 3 platforms. The distribution of votes are as given:

Online Voting10
App Voting10
Text voting 10

American Idol Voting 2019

Now Let’s find out how to save your favorite contestants from getting evicted using these mentioned methods in detail.

The competition has reached at a level where Top contestants have been selected. There are top 14 contestants. Before voting details have a look at the contestants whom you may vote every Monday.

Top 14 contestantsStatus
Laine HardyIn the show
Laci Kaye BoothIn the show
Ashley HessEvicted
Medison VanDenburgIn the show
UcheIn the show
Riley ThompsonEvicted
Walker BurroughsIn the show
Alyssa RaghuIn the show
Wade CottaIn the show
Eddie IslandEvicted
Evelyn CormierEvicted
Alejandro ArandaIn the show
Dimitrius GrahamIn the show
Jeremiah Lloyd HarmonIn the show

American Idol Online Vote Season 17

You can vote for your favorite contestant online seamlessly. This has happened because of the internet. IOT or internet of things is the concept behind. This concept enables you to vote on the cross-mix platform. Let us talk about Voting online. You need to follow the following steps when voting online:

  1. While Voting online, you should visit ABC Portal and American Idol Column.
  2. You will be given 10 votes to vote online.
  3. And you can reallocate your vote within the time period.
  4. Submit your votes by clicking on save.

In this way, you can perform online voting. But hang on! We have got two more ways to share with you.

American Idol Voting 2019

American Idol Online Voting Poll 2019

The contestants who will be in top contestants list will be in American Idol Poll. Till now there are no polls. As soon as the show will get kick off there will be polls also. We will also update the poll here.

These polls are not official. But apart from that you can participate and have fun. The show is going to schedule its 17th season on 3rd March 2019. The judges will be the same. So as the pattern of the show. Voting procedure will be similar to previous seasons. In case a new voting method is introduced in American Idol 17 we will update you with the details.

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What is Voting App in American Idol?

The Official American Idol App is more than a voting app. The concept of the Internet of Things also applies here. This concept enables cross-platform usage to vote and watch episodes live. Listed below are the features of the American Idol App:

  • Watch American Idol Show live, right from the audition rounds.
  • The app is available on both, the App Store and the Android Play store.
  • You can use the app to vote for your favorite artist.
  • Play guess games, trivia questions and interact with Idol Community.

American Idol Voting 2019

How to Vote using American Idol App

To Vote using American Idol App:

  1. Download and Install the App from Appstore or Play store.
  2. Post Installation, log in using your ABC Account or create one.
  3. Get a username and password and vote on the American Idol Voting Portal.
  4. On app, you will have 10 votes to cast.

How to Vote Via Text?

Another way is offline voting which will be done by sending a message to a particular number. To Vote via text in American Idol 2019:

  • Every contestant will be assigned a number.
  • For example, Olive is a contestant and she is given a number 5.
  • Then you will have to send Text as “5” to 21523.

Here are the voting codes for contestants.

  • Laine Hardy code is “1”
  • Medison VanDenburg Code is “8”
  • Laci Kaye Booth code is “13”
  • Uche code is “10”
  • Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon code is “9”
  • Dimitrius Graham code is “7”
  • Alejandro Aranda code is “11”
  • Wade Cotta code is “6”
  • Alyssa Raghu code is “3”
  • Walker Burroughs code is “14”

Soon you will get to know about the official number for 17th season voting in American Idol.

American Idol 2019 Voting Schedule

The top 10 People are selected in the show, Voting Portals has been activated. Now its the high time that you should support your most favored contestant.

American Idol 2019 has begun on 3rd March 2019. Now we can expect a crunching competition and talent which will be top-notch. The competition is going to soar high and so will the excitement amongst viewers. We will update you with more details when the time comes. Keep in touch!

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