Australian Survivor Auditions 2019

Australian Survivor 2019

The Reality shows have evolved over the years as they become more real and less scripted. A lot of shows that can top the list include Survivor-man, Dual Survival and our favourite Man vs Wild. But new Survival TV shows have surprises for us. We are talking about the country-specific version of survival show Australian Survivor. The Australian Survivor 2019 auditions will be up soon.

Currently, one of the show’s that makes it to the list is Australian Survivor. Australia based Survival reality show Australian Survivor has been airing since 2002. Since then the show has been revived at least twice and has a countrywide fan following.

Australian Survivor Application 2019

The application for Australian Survivor TV show will be available in January 2019. You can apply for the show at that time. In order to get a chance to participate in the show you have to fill the application form. Australian Survivor application form 2019 is now available at the link provided here below. Procedure for applying for the show is:

  • Go to
  • Select Australian Survivor Season 6.
  • Make a click on “Click here to apply now link
  • Fill up the form with the necessary details.

Once done your application will be sent for verification and approval. Post verification you will be called up for the Australian Survivor Auditions 2019 for the show.

Australian Survivor 2019 Casting

Here are the casting details for Australian Survivor Season 6:

  1. The casting details for season 6 is yet to be announced
  2. Interested candidates can go to official website to apply for the show.

Australian Survivor Auditions 2019

Here is the demo Australian Survivor Application video from which you may take an idea how to get cast in the show. 

Australian Survival Casting Requirements

Essential requirements for the audition of Australian Survival show are:

  1. You must be an Australian National.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Also, You must have basic swimming knowledge.
  4. You should have physical endurance and mental attitude.

Australian Survivor Show Layout

The Australian Survival Show has following Layout:

  • The members taken in for the show are divided equally into two tribes.
  • Each tribe will be given resources to barely survive.
  • There will be chances to earn more resources, protection or immunity.
  • Mental and physical challenges will be used to filter the participants until only one winner survives.

At the end of the show, there is a sum of $5,00,000 waiting for the winner. The winner is decided from the tribal council.

Air Date for Australian Survivor 2019

The audition process will go on from 15th February to 15th March 2019. After the auditions are over, there will be a filming period of at least 55 days. Simultaneously, the show will start airing in the month of August 2019. Each season of the show contains at least 25 episodes. it can have multiple themes including

  1. Celebrity vs Citizen
  2. Champions vs Contender
  3. Citizen vs Citizen

Survival show has a history of testing the mental dexterity of the highest order. Mental and physical skill is checked and put to test. The show will be a blockbuster as soon as it gets released.

So this was all about Australian Survivor Auditions 2019.

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