Top Netflix Movies List To Watch- Updated 2019 best movies

The question I’ve been asked so many times is regarding Best Netflix movies. If you’re a Netflix lover, you must watch these Best Netflix Movies. Although, many people had the misconception that Netflix only releases TV shows. But, there are plenty of great Netflix original movies available. Movies of every genre are available on Netflix, which make Netflix the best entertainment service in the world. We’ve listed one of the best Netflix movies available. Also, the list is updated as per April 2019. In case, you like movies of a particular genre i.e. Romantic, action, thriller, and horror. Don’t worry! There are movies of every genre. Best Netflix Movies are listed as per there ratings and rotten tomatoes. Make sure you read every single line of movie description.

Best Netflix Movies – as per April 2019

We are giving you list of some best movies on Netflix in all genres. So for the beginner of Netflix you must go through this article. And choose your type of movie in which you have interest. We are going to mention movies based on Drama, mystery, sci-fi, horror, suspense. Depends on your choice of movie you can choose from here. So let’s start the list of those movies.

To all the boy’s I’ve loved before

Genre: Romance
IMBd: 7.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 97%

This Netflix original movie was released on 17th August 2018 and definitely is among Best Movies on Netflix. To all the boy’s I’ve lived before is based upon a novel of the same name written by Jenny Han. The plot of the movie is way too interesting. So, a girl named Lara Jean is the main character who writes a letter to every guy she ever had a crush on. But, rather than delivering it to them, she puts all the letters in her closet.

Best Netflix Movies

She writes a letter for Josh- her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend of her elder sister. One day, Lara’s little sister finds all the letter and then she delivers them to all the guys. All hell breaks loose when she sees all the guy approaching her with a letter in their hand. I wouldn’t like to spoil the movie for you by telling you furthermore. So, if you liked the plot, give “To all the boy’s I’ve loved before” a try.

Bird Box

Genre: Horror/Drama
IMBd: 6.7/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%

This American thriller/horror movie was involved in many memes after its release. Also, people loved the plot of the movie. If we’re talking about Best Netflix Movies, we simply have to list this movie. The amount of popularity this movie gained was enormous. So many people purchased the Netflix account just to watch it.

Best Netflix Movies

Well, the movie revolves around a mysterious force that was responsible for the decimation of a large number of people. The condition of the killing was- If you see them, you’ll die. This results in everyone to go blindfold. Bird Box was released on 14th December 2018 with a running time of 124 minutes.

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller
IMBd: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 71%

Based on the genre of Netflix original series– Black Mirror, the movie is science-fiction that aims at blowing the mind of viewers. The show, Black Mirror had many episodes with a different story in each episode. They all have only two things in common and those are- future with Science and Mindblowing ending.

Best Netflix Movies

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch revolves around a young programmer who creates a video game based on a novel. The video game later starts messing with his mind and makes him question his own reality. If you’re a lover of mind distorter movies, you should definitely watch it.

The Babysitter

Genre: Horror/Comedy
IMBd: 6.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 73%

To be honest, This horror-comedy original reminds me of Home Alone a little bit. The movie shows the darkness in a funny way. The Babysitter revolves around a kid named Cole Johnson and his babysitter. After finding his babysitter attractive, he decided to sneak up to watch her and her group playing a game.

Best Netflix Movies

Cole gets stumped as soon as he finds out that his babysitter prays satan and is after him. The movie becomes more interesting when cole tries to save his life and kills every member of group one by one. Here’s a tip, do not expect masterclass performance from the actors as The Babysitter is just to cheer up the viewer.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Genre: Drama/Comedy
IMBd: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Here comes a masterclass with a sensational screenplay. This American dramatical comedy is a Netflix original won many awards. Although, the running time was limited. But, it didn’t miss any chance to impress everyone. According to the National Board of Review, this was among the top ten movies of 2018.

Best Netflix Movies

The movie was released in November 2018. The Balled of Buster Scruggs shows the compilation of six short films. The time of the movie is supposed to be during the civil war. A civil war movie with comedy?. Well, That makes it unique and interesting. Also, there’s a reason the movie went on winning the awards.


Genre: Sci-fi
IMBd: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

The first word that came into my mind while watching this movie was- Weird!. The first word I said after watching the movie was- Beautiful!. The movie narrates the storyline in the most beautiful way possible. A young girl Mija develops a strong connection with a weird animal named Okja. But, then comes the sad part of the movie- A family owned corporation transport okay with them.

Best Netflix Movies

It becomes sadder when they decide to kill him and eat him. Remember I said something Beautiful regarding this movie? It’s when Mija decides to rescue her best friend Okja. The movie is really helpful when it comes to cheering someone’s mood.

Here are some honorable mentions for Best Netflix Movies Roma, Triple Frontier, Mute and 13th. They all are gems hiding in Netflix’s Database. You only need someone like us to tell you what you need to watch. If we missed any Netflix original that you think should be in Best Netflix Movies, do mention that in comments. We also update reviews of Netflix shows. So, in case you want to watch some shows- we got you covered. Considering that, have a look on our website. Adios Amigo ;).


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