Big Brother Australia 2019 Auditions

Reality TV shows based on competitive scenarios are nowadays popular. Almost two decades ago, Reality TV shows were new to go about and still picking up the pace. Then came in Big Brother and that gave a new wind to Reality TV shows and started a brand new genre and show format. Presently Big Brother is an International Franchise which has country-specific TV shows. Today we are going to talk about Big Brother Australia 2019 Season. Keep reading as we disclose all the details for the same.

Big Brother Australia 2019 Auditions

Big Brother Australia 2019 is based upon the Internation Reality TV series Big Brother. The show scouts the entire nation for its participants. These participants share a house which has all the accommodations, lodging, food and money for daily staple needs. But that is just the survival of members. The real game is the survival of self and the house members do that by winning house tasks, making good relations and also eliminating others.

Over the top, there is the all seeing and hearing Big Brother. He never interferes unless it’s of prime importance. Meanwhile, house guests each week nominate a member to be eliminated.

If you think you have the caliber, keep reading while we tell you how to be a part of the house. You can do this by giving auditions the details of which are further disclosed.

To be a part of the show, you must first be eligible for the show. Take a look at the requirements below.


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Big Brother Australia Auditions Requirements

As per the trend goes, the requirements are:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • Should sign on for being recorded 24*7 in a house with strangers.
  • Permanent Citizenship of Australia is necessary
  • Do not break house rules or you may have to leave the house.
  • Acting violently may cause criminal lawsuits to be filed against you.
  • Should be ready to live in a house for 100 days.

Once you meet or adhere to the above-said requirements, you can safely apply for an audition in the show.

Big Brother Australia 2019 Auditions

How to Apply for Big Brother Australia 2019?

To apply for big brother Australia 2019, you have to wait for the official announcement of the show. That being said, there are rumors that Big Brother Australia may return in 2019 after a gap of Five Years. Once that happens, we will update you about the audition details and how to apply for the show.

Currently, the show is under scrutiny and announcement can be made anytime.


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Big Brother Australia 2019 Reward

The Cash prize system for Big Brother Australia is unique and certainly raises the competitiveness of the show. At the beginning of the show, a Cash amount of A$1,000,000 is announced which decreases any a rule is broken in the house. The amendment is done by Big Brother Himself. As such the Cash prize usually ends up getting low but doesn’t go below A$2,50,000.

The revival of Big Brother Australia 2019

Big Brother Australia is still a popular title and due to poor rating points has not been revived yet. But this time, the show may make a turnaround and the house may be filled again. For all that is needed is a start and with 2018 coming to end is time to do something new. We can keep our hopes up that the show will return and we will stick to Channel Ten on Saturday nights.

Disclaimer: The Show is may or may not happen, as such audition detail is speculative and all the new details if presented to us, will be duly updated.

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