Bigg Boss 12 Ticket To Finale

Ticket To Finale: A very important and much-needed power for any contestant of the show is to reach its finale round. So that it becomes easy for him/her to make it to the finale. This power is none other than but the Ticket to Finale. Bigg Boss is always been interesting and top notch on a viewer’s mind. It would be true if we say it is the binge watch show for all time. Bigg boss includes this power too since many seasons. Similarly, there will be a Bigg Boss 12 Ticket To Finale power which will be given only to one contestant. So let’s find out how and to whom.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket To Finale

This power is in consideration from previous seasons of the show. So it is obvious that this season will also have Ticket to finale. And it will be given to only one contestant. That means a contestant from top 6 or 7 contestants will directly jump to finale week. He/She doesn’t need to be in Semifinals danger zone. He/she will be counted as a safe contestant.

Bigg Boss 12 Ticket To Finale

Bigg Boss Season 12 Ticket to Finale contestants

Here we are judging that who may be seen in Ticket to fianle task. As the task will be done among top 6 contestants. Following contestants could make it up to the ticket to finale task.

  • Dipika Kakar Ibrahim
  • Sreesanth
  • Romil Chaudhary
  • Karanveer Bohra
  • Deepak Thakur
  • Surbhi Rana

BB12 Ticket To Finale Task & Winner

There will be a task on the basis of which Ticket to finale will be given. This task will be divided into two halves. All contestants will have to perform the task. And from the first task, only 2 will be given the opportunity to perform in the second half of the task. among these two there will be the winner of Bigg Boss 12 Ticket To Finale.

11thMountain & Security GuardCanceled
10thSolar SystemManveer Gurjar
9thBooth BuzzerPrince Narula

In last season we saw that Puneesh and Luv Tyagi won the task. But in the second half, they took it lightly and the task gets canceled. Due to which no one won the ticket to finale in last season. Similarly, in 10th season Manveer Gurjar won the Ticket to Finale.

Let’s see who will win in this season.

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