How To Vote in Bigg Boss Tamil?

If you don’t want to save your favorite contestant with Bigg Boss Tamil Voting, are you even a BB fan. Bigg Boss Tamil Google Voting is the best way of saving a contestant from elimination. However, it’s not the only way to do so. You can also do missed call voting that only requires voting codes.

Last season people used to comment on our blog to give information regarding voting methods and show details. So, we’ve decided to provide everything in one article. Keep reading the full article to get information regarding Google voting, BB Tamil vote count, missed call voting codes, season 3 details and much more.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting 2019

The only thing which makes the audience feel connected is the ability to vote for their favorite contestant. Voting is a crucial part of almost every reality show. Same goes for BB Tamil. A tremendous amount of people voted for their favorite contestants last year. After two great seasons, officials have decided to continue the process in the voting system.

The way to save your favorite contestant for this 3rd season will be Google Voting itself. We are all aware of the missed call voting process. But what Google Voting exactly is? Don’t worry, we’ve listed everything in this article. Keep reading.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Google Vote 

Last year, so many people asked us about Bigg Boss Tamil Google voting. Most of them found it difficult. The only problem they faced was where and how to vote. Most probably, you are here because of the same problem. Simply follow these steps to perform google voting and save your favorite contestant :

  • Go to the Google search engine and Search for Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting.
  • You will see the list of the nominated contestants
  • You’ll be given 50 votes. Simply click on the contestant’s picture to vote for them.
  • You can either give them all to one contestant or can distribute them in case you like multiple contestants.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Remember you must log in to Google or Facebook account in order to complete Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Online Polls & Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count

Season 3 is on its way. And you can cast your vote using the above-mentioned method. But if you want to check the result or get the estimation of votes then you can participate in online public voting. these are not official voting.

With the use of these vote counts, you can get aware of the weekend result and you can vote more to your favorite contestant if you are lagging behind.



Tamil Bigg boss Online Voting Polls will be displayed here soon.

Season 3 – Host, Contestants and much more

Since the release of the first season, there’s only one show dominating on Star Vijay. Star Vijay is the network that believed in the concept of this show. Also, this show faced much criticism before the premiere. But as soon as the first episode got released, a huge amount of audience got indulged with the show.

However, the second season broke all the trp records. Same is expected from season 3. Predicting from the way contestants are performing, the show is going to be a great hit. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants will be displayed here soon. Although you can predict on your own too. Considering that, the show will definitely make a huge impact on the audience.

Name of the show Bigg Boss Tamil
Number of Seasons 2
Host Kamal Hassan
Original Network Star Vijay
Number of Contestants/season 19,17
Production Company Endemol India

According to the sources, the guy who hosted the first two seasons will be the one to host the third. Yes, you red right. Kamal Hassan will host the whole third season. Well, that is going to be fantastic, Isn’t it?. Kamal Hassan is one hell of a host and entertainer. Therefore, it’s obvious that he is a major key to the success of this show.

The following paragraph will help you to do that as it contains information regarding offline voting method.

Also, check

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Missed Call Voting Codes for Bigg boss Tamil Contestants 

One of the most vintage and easiest method of voting your favorite contestant is missed call voting. You don’t need money, not even an internet connection. All you need is a mobile phone and a toll-free number. Yes, That’s how easy it is.


The toll-free number will be the same for all the contestants with a variation in the last two digits. Last two digits will be different for each contestant as it will represent their code. Although, Google voting is more interactive. But, the missed call is my favorite mode of voting as it is easy and quick.

Above mentioned codes for Bigg Boss Tamil Voting via missed call is an example. Original numbers with the name of contestants will be updated here as soon as the show will kick off.

Who will win the season? 

Talking about previous seasons, those were hit. And the credit goes to the contestants and their entertainment. All the contestants work hard to win the title of the show. But only one can get the honor. 

Winner of the first season was Aarav( an actor/model). The winner of the second season was Riythvika(actress). Both of them were loved by the audience and they all made them the winners.

Therefore, only you can also help your favorite contestant to become Bigg Boss Season 3 winner.

So vote as much as you can and make your favorite contestant win the Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

We will be updating the article as soon as any news is officially announced. So, you should visit this article on a daily basis. Also, share it with your friends. If you’ve got any query, drop that in the comments below. We also provide information regarding other tv shows and movies on our facebook page TV shows India. You should check the website if you love watching tv shows. Adios Amigo :).

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