Cyber Crime Online Complaint

Cybercrime helpline number, Cyber crime online complaint, complaint status. As we provide you other helpline numbers for your use, this one is very important to know. 


Cyber crimes is criminal activity that is done with the help of internet or computer.

Nowadays cyber crimes are done by gathering the information regarding social media, ATM, App downloads, Net Banking etc.

Are you also a victim of the cyber crime? Is there someone who is misusing your personal data, photographs, and information? Don’t worry! Your government is worried about you.

A good news for citizens of India! Central government, Home affair ministry launched an online website or complaint portal for the complaint against cybercrime. Now, the victim doesn’t need to go to the police but he/she can register the complaint online.

Victim of cyber crime needs to visit site for registering the complaint.

Cyber Crime Online Complaint

Which type of complaints can be registered in cyber crime complaint portal?

One can register many types of incidents on online complaint portal. These includes :

  • Child Crime
  • Rape incidents
  • Racketeering etc.


How to register cyber crime complaint online

Central government made it much easier and simpler to help those who are victims of online abuse or cyber crime. All you need to do is :

  1. Visit the cyber crime website.
  2. Click on report anonymously
  3. Now select the category of Lodge Crime online.
    Cyber Crime Online Complaint
  4. Then it will ask you to login if existing candidate else create an account.
  5. Create an account by submitting id and OTP as well as complete registration form.
    Cyber Crime Online Complaint
  6. Write down the suspect name.
  7. Give the detail of the incident.
  8. Now upload the evidence
  9. Submit your complaint.


Your complaint will be directly go to the ministry of home affair and after checking it will be passed to the police .

Police will check the case further and they will have to take it very seriously as home affair ministry will itself look at the case.

Senior police officers will investigate the incident.


Cyber crime complaint status

After you have registered your complain you will be provided with a  tracking number. With the help of this number you can track your complaint status that at which level investigation have been reached.

Cyber Crime Online Complaint

Cyber Crime Helpline number

You can take help and guidance regarding cyber crime just dialling cyber crime helpline number. This number is available for you 24/7 . So you can call on this number at any time .

Helpline Number : 09784268547

You can clear all your doubts regarding cyber crime and can take help from experts.

How to avoid Cyber Crime

Only way to avoid cyber crime is awareness. One need to be very aware while using anything online including social media , ATM cards , Net Banking etc.

You should avoid following acts .

  • Do not share your passwords, Personal PIN & OTP to anyone.
  • Do not upload photos on social media. (Females & Children)
  • Also, Do not add unknown persons on social media and avoid talking to them.
  • Do not reply to unknown emails.
  • Be aware while using ATM.

Only your awareness can save you and the people around you. So be careful because prevention is always better than cure.

so this was all about Cyber Crime Online Complaint. Be safe and help others to maintain safety.

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