Dance Boss 2019 Auditions, Series 2

TV shows based on Reality genre have made quite an impact on the viewers from around the world. The popular Competitive reality has been making into trends and we are here to talk about one such latest edition. Dance Boss 2019 Auditions are here and we are ready to spill all the details. With these details, you can surely flare up your talent in front of judges and perhaps in front of the nation. Let’s Dance. Shall we?

Dance Boss 2019

Currently, the season 2 of Dance Boss is up in the news. Dance Boss is an Australia based competitive reality show which looks for non-professional dancers who love dancing but never could find a platform to showcase talent. The show invites talents and gives them the platform that they need. And, If you want to be a part of the show, we’ve got you covered.

Dance Boss 2019 Auditions

The auditions for the 2019 series of Dance Boss have not been announced yet, but we have the steps you need to follow as soon as the show casting call goes live. For now, make sure you check out right on all the eligibility criteria to be a part of the show.

Dance Boss 2019 Auditions

Eligibility Criteria for Dance Boss 2019

To be part of Dance Boss 2019, following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • You should be an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident for at least two years.
  • It is mandatory for you to be at least 18 years old before you apply for the show.
  • You should not be associated with any other media channels based on Australia.
  • The above criteria also require you to be not associated with any Australian Media from the past two years.

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How To Apply for Dance Boss 2019 Series 2?

If you are an Australian Citizen, you can apply to appear for an audition. To apply for Dance Boss 2019 take a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to My Casting Portal for Dance Boss
  2. Open the link and Fill the form Completely.
  3. Upload the requested video in the specified format

Once done, wait for the casting call for the show. Always read the T&C for the show before you apply. The casting call for series 2 is yet to be announced, once that comes through, we will update you.

Dance Boss 2019 Auditions

Dance Boss 2019 Judges

The judges for the show have not been announced but judges from series 1 are supposed to continue in series 2. They are:

  1. Adam Garcia
  2. Timomatic
  3. Sharni Vinson

Any change in the above roaster will be duly updated in due time.

Dance Boss 2019 Host

The show is hosted by Dannii Minogue. Along with her, the music is also provided by DJ From Australia duo Bombs Away. We can expect her to continue hosting the show although the show may introduce a second host to spice up the things.

Can we have some expectation from Dance Boss 2019?

The show was marred by poor rating and that delayed the new season of the show. As such the show will introduce a better theme and may increase the number of contestants. Also, the show has to perform on rating meter and for that, the show may introduce a second host which more often than not is appreciated by the viewers. Let’s keep out fingers crossed!

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