Golden Temple History

When we talk about the wonders of the world and talk about India one would say, Taj Mahal. But India has heritage so rich and deep that if you explore the Golden Temple History. India is filled with wonders and majestic destinations. Many of these majestic destinations have the ability to fulfill your souls and make you feel unanimous with the universe itself.

The Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple

One such place that we are going to talk about is The Golden Temple or as we know it “Shri Harmandir Sahib” the holiest of all the Sikhism shrines.  Located in Amritsar, one of the prime cities of State of Punjab, The Golden Temple; a gurudwara in the simplest sense, The “House of Gods” holds its own accord in a world of religion and pilgrimage with hundreds and thousands of devotees flocking to Amritsar every year to visit the revered Darbar Sahib.

The Temple is covered with golden foiling which shines and refracts the sunlight like the presence of God, with serene and grace redefined every time you look at it. Needless to say, let’s jump into the place how the Golden Temple came into being and its history.

Chronological Golden Temple History

Amritsar, the word is made from two words, Amrit and Sarovar. Which essentially means, “A pool of nectar” evidently from the history where people cured their diseases and rejuvenated themselves when they bathed in this Sarovar. But it all started with Guru Ram Das the fourth.

Golden Temple History

Year 1570:

Guru Ram Das Sahib begins the construction of the Santosh Sarovar. Later which came to be known as Amrit Sarovar.

In the Year 1574:

The sacred site of Sarovar is gifted to the daughter of the third guru Amar Das, who gets married to Guru Ram Das. Mughal Emperor Akbar gifts the site.

On the instructions of Guru Amar Das Sahib, the land around the Sarovar is bought for Rs. 700 from native zamindars.

Golden Temple History

The place came to be known as Guru Da Chakk which later was changed to Chakk Ram Das. Later renamed to Ramdaspur


Guru Ram Das Sahib started excavating the holy tank. The idea was to have a central pool around which the town was to be established. By 1581, the excavation was completed. All the renovations were completed by 1586 with tank becoming fully functional Sarovar and Guru Arjan Sahib (the fifth guru) renaming it to Amritsar Sarovar. So Let’s find more about Golden Temple History.

Golden Temple in the Year 1581:

Guru Arjan Sahib envisions the idea of constructing a central place of worship for followers of Sikhism. Later he adds to his vision that the place will be a central place of worship for people from all walks of life irrespective of caste, color or creed. He blueprinted the structure of Golden temple and also further oversaw its construction. 8 Years later, the temple in the most basic form is completed with a bridge over the Sarovar to reach the inner sanctum constructed using bricks.

Golden Temple History


Guru Arjan Sahib requests Muslim Sufi Saint Mian Mir of Lahore, who then lays the foundation stone of the temple.

Temple construction begins with ardent followers’ working day and night.


The Harmandir Sahib was fully constructed in 1604 and the first set of fully compiled holy Sikh scriptures “Guru Granth Sahib” was placed in the sanctum sanctorum of The Golden Temple.

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Golden Temple FAQ

Who built Golden Temple & When?Guru Ram Das in 1578
Is Golden Temple is made up of Gold?Yes, its it. Its dome is made up of 750 KG of pure gold.
How much time Golden Temple took to built?8 Years
When was the Golden temple Attack?October 1984
Why Golden Temple is famous?Because of Shri guru Granth Sahib which is located inside the Golden Temple

Akal Takht of the Harmandir Sahib

In 1595, Guru Hargobind Sahib was born and in 1609 after becoming the next Sikh guru, he revealed the throne of the almighty or “Akal Takht”. The Akal Takht now houses the Guru Granth Sahib which is considered as the next de facto Guru in Sikhism.

The Mughal armies and Afghan invaders destroyed Akal Takht and temple several times and so it was reconstructed as many times. Finally, in the 19th century, King Ranjit Singh gold plated most part of temple hence the name “The Golden Temple”. So this was the naming Golden Temple History.

Golden Temple History

More Golden Temple Information

The Golden temple is itself built on an altar which is 65 square ft. in the area and lies in the center of the Sarovar. The abode of Gods has adorned with Golden plating and the temple has 4 doors on each side leading out to all four directions. The Bridge that leads to the temple is 200 ft. long and 20 ft. and the temple itself is 40 square ft. in the area with three floors of space. so it was about the measurement of Golden Temple History.

A place of solace for all walks of life

The temple is the prime symbol of Sikhism and is a place of worship for anyone who is looking for some faith to place in. The water in the Sarovar is fed by the river Ravi and is considered to be a pool of nectar. A 24*7 langar sea is hosted in the Harmandir Sahib where people sit down together and eat in peace with no bars to any caste, color or creed. Perhaps one the best example of unity in diversity, the tradition of seva or selfless service towards the temple is a sight to take an example from.

Perhaps all that someone needs is a place to find himself and a meaning to his or her life and you will find more than that in the Golden Temple

So this was all about Golden Temple History.

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