Google Pay App: Features & Download

Google Pay App was earlier known as Google Tez App. Let us know about its features, Online Payments & how to Download it from Google Play Store. 

Back in September 2017, Google launched its payments app called Tez. Now, it has more than 2 crore subscribers with Google’s Tez seeing transactions as much as Rs. 0.2 Million crores of money transactions up till now. Backed with Unified Payments Interface, Government of India Initiative under cashless India that is launched by National Payments Corporation India. Tez application enjoyed relatively a good fortune in the sphere of digital payments, backed with huge google surplus. The payments app easy to use and quite intuitive with most basic features available on it. Along with the relatively easy to use interface, it supported as many as 20 plus banks that could be integrated with your UPI.

Google Pay App – Make Easy Online Payments

Perhaps now Google is ready to elevate Tez to a higher platform titled Google Pay. Google pay has been around for over a year or so in the USA and some other countries, but not in India with the same name. Google at its annual event google for India announced that Google Tez will be renamed to Google Pay and will have added features. The App Tez will have its name changed but no Special features which exist in original google pay app will be available in it.

Google Pay App Download

Google Pay App Features

The competitive sphere of Digital payments market is fierce with the likes of PayTM, PhonePe etc eyeing for every market share possible, as such following probable feature as announced by Google that can come with Google pay app can run the competition in favor of Google:

  1. The new google pay app is now going to help you arrange small loans with minimal paperwork from a few banks (For now HDFC, ICICI etc.) with the prerequisite that the bank account associated with UPI account on your Google pay should belong the respective banks. Once your loan is verified, the money will be deposited in your account.
  2. Google Pay will let you send money to nearby devices on Google pay via infrared. The same old feature may be revamped to work as transfer through audio too.
  3. Paying Utility Bills with will be made easier using Google Pay (Formerly Google Tez). Utility bills include Food bills, water bills, electricity bills etc.
  4. Google Pay app will let you make payment through multiple dimensions. These include Payment using Payee’s Bank account details, UPI virtual address, QR code etc. This will facilitate users with quick and easy payments
  5. The rewards and offers that come with Google Tez will remain Intact with the infamous one Blue Scratchcard that you get for making a transaction of Rs. 150 or above. And others where you can earn Rs. 51 for every person you invite who joins and makes their first payment.
  6. Google UPI Virtual address is now supported on plenty of 3rd party places including Amazon, where you can use the virtual address to make your payment.

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Google Pay Application India

With a user base of 22 million people, and more being added daily. Google has decided not to mess up the basic payments interface of Tez now Google Pay app but add a few features to it to keep the essential spirit alive. In fact, Google is now working in other countries to establish a similar Payments System as in India and hence place in Google Pay that works similarly to Tez in such countries.

Google Pay App Download from Play Store

Google Pay app is not available on google play store yet. But the Tez app is there which will receive the update which is being released gradually. The app will remain pretty much the same and users can expect a few changes in the user interface, which will not be any substantial change but can enhance your experience.

Link for Download: Click to Download

The Google Pay app is designed according to the requirement from India’s context and hence the reason why it differs from Google Pay App offered by Google LLC. One can expect in the near future that google pay will be a big name as a payment agent on various outlets both online and offline.

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