Hell’s Kitchen Winner 2018 Name, Prize, Chef’s Hat

Hell’s Kitchen Winner 2018 is still on the way, but we can’t already wait. Can we now? Yes, we can! The show has been up and running since September and we are all uptight about who will win the big prize. Most of us have been busy debating whether Rookies deserve it more than veterans or not. While we discuss that, let’s talk about what all we know and where is the show headed.

Hell’s Kitchen 2018

The season 18 of Hell’s kitchen has been a rampage of fun and disaster, with the theme of Rookies vs Veterans. While we witnessed the veterans showing their prowess, the rookies didn’t hold themselves back and outsmarted the veterans too. The Hell’s Kitchen Show is a competitive reality TV show where two teams of chefs compete. Winner takes the cap of the head chef at a restaurant.

The show is hosted by Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey and the Show is broadcasted on Fox. Hell’s Kitchen Winner 2018 will take the reward of the hat of the head chef at a restaurant. It’s a job to be precise.

Hell's Kitchen Winner 2018

Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Show format

The show goes through 4 Stages:

  • Challenges
  • Dinner Service
  • Elimination
  • Final Service

Challenges involve two teams competing for a day out. Dinner service involves dinner cooking under the critical observation of the Head Chef Gordon. And by critical we mean hyper-sensitive-critical because the chefs are bashed around for any mistake they do. Elimination is done after dinner service. During elimination, losing team nominates two chefs. These two chefs have to leave the show.

In the finale service, two finalists, with a team of chef allowed them according to their liking compete. These two chefs make classic cuisines that are judged by Gordon Ramsey. He then decides who is the Hell’s Kitchen winner 2018 and explains why that person was chosen. The final service is one of the best rounds to watch as the halls are decorated and so are the final servings.

Hell's Kitchen Winner 2018

Hell’s Kitchen Winner 2018

The Hell’s Kitchen TV show is halfway through their show time and we all are looking expectantly for our favorite chef to win. It’s not only about the skill and proficiency but also about professionalism. A lot of names qualify for that, but we are in no place to pick Hell’s Kitchen winner 2018. But we have a list of potential winners who might just make the cake and eat it too.

  • Ariel
  • Heather
  • Kanae
  • Mia

As soon as the winner name get declare we will update the name here.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Winner Reward

We already revealed that the winner will get a job of the Executive chef or head chef at a restaurant of Gordon’s liking. But we kept you in dark about the cash prize. The winner will get a reward of USD 2,50,000 as a prize money upon winning the show. Niche! Right?

The Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Finale is near?

The Hell’s Kitchen has been a ride of thrill and fun up till now but it is bound to get not so cozy when we hit the finale. With only 8 people remaining in the show, the competition is getting hotter and faster. Lest we knock ourselves out, take a breather and wait for the dawn of the Finale Service.

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