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Jio has been true to his word every time whenever it promised something better, announced something new and added value to all the creation. Back in the first decade of the current millennia, most probably in the later part of the years, when Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Infocomm (we are not talking about RJio), launched Cellular services, and that shook the market. Before that time, major players of the telecom sector like BSNL and Airtel had a monopoly over the optical fiber market.

After Releasing Jio GigaFiberJio POS Plus App and Jio Phone 2 now its time for Jio 4G Laptop.

That included high call rates, low data at the higher cost, cellphone became a necessary luxury that few could afford, but Reliance went on to set new trends and competitive prices which eventually benefited customers. Now, yet again something similar is happening after a dictatorship by mobile networks in data market (remember when you spent 300 bucks a GB of data pack). So how true can be the propositions and news that are running around the market regarding JIO launching its own version of the laptop?

Reliance Jio 4g Laptop: Rumors that don’t die – Specification

Jio Laptop has been in news for quite a long time, but neither in RJioAGM of 2017 nor in 2018, was an official announcement made regarding the Jio laptop. Hang on! We are missing one minor term from Jio laptop; it’s the term 4G. You heard us, for almost a year now, A device named 4G has been rumored to be the next thing in the market by 4G. Well, to be honest, all that we got were rumors.

Rumors like the laptop will be powered by Qualcomm Chipset (Something that runs your smartphone, well most the smartphones) or maybe the rumor that it will have a screen size of 13.3 in. measured diagonally (Just a shy above the likes of Notebooks). Rumors are as good as they come, for example, the laptop has a Solid State Drive of upto 160GBs.

Nevertheless, the jio 4g laptop is an exciting prospect to keep an eye for since this laptop will effectively function as a mobile phone also with the ability to make phone calls.

Putting Jio Laptop Rumors under A microscope


Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why these rumors can turn out to be true:

  1. Ever Since the launch of Reliance Jio Back in 2016, Jio has been working with a plan, a strategy which involves
    1. Building a huge user base
    2. Building trust with the company by provided value-added services
    3. Expanding horizons with GigaFiber Net, Jiophone, STB etc
  2. The Jio 4g came in with LYF smartphones at the exceptionally cheaper price (and likewise cheaper quality; sorry LYF)
  3. Innovations already done by RJIO suggest Mr. Mukesh will aim for the maximum share.

Although these are just qualitative arguments but the quantum of RJio currently being the second largest Cellular Operator in India holds so much weight that people can believe these rumors to be true.

 Jio 4G Laptop Registration / Online booking

In order to have the 4G laptop of Reliance jio, you need to register yourself first. Likewise every other registration, Jio 4G Laptop will be the same. All that will change is an official website.

  • As soon as announced by the officials, you can go to the official website of Jio.
  • Then there you will see an option for Registration.
  • Fill the form and but the laptop.
  • You have to pay the money in case of buying the laptop.
  • Or if exists you may book your laptop online.

Note: Till now there is no such news by Jio.

Jio Laptop Price in India

4g Laptop under 5k? : Beggars are not choosers

Because Every Coin has two sides, we can put forth a list of reasons why Jio 4G Laptop is either not in plans or still a distant dream:

  1. The rumor that the laptop will cost only 4999 bucks, suggest that the laptop is made of cheap quality.
  2. It Is supposed to have a 4gb Ram quota, an SSD of 120+ GBs and an FHD screen. My friend, You don’t get that for Rs. 5000. To put that into perspective:
    1. A 128 GB SSD costs $ 89 to consumers and $ 50 for the retailer. That’s a solid Rs. 3500.
    2. 4 GB of ram will cost Rs. 2500. That’s Already Rs. 6000.
    3. Plus a Qualcomm Processor and a Windows OS that costs at least Rs. 5000.
  3. The best company that RJio can tag along with for these endeavors is Microsoft Itself. And that is a far-fetched thing to say.
  4. A laptop with a 4G sim on it will certainly harm the current Jio Phone plans because of the lucrative features that this laptop allegedly has.

The reason why we say that Microsoft and Jio is a nada because Microsoft Surface Book has a limited market for now and it cannot probably survive in India. While Microsoft is itself planning to launch a Surface book based mobile phone, RJio will have to resolve to some other manufacturer to supply Qualcomm based laptops which itself is a foolhardy quest since Qualcomm chipsets are itself costlier than those of MediaTek.

The futility of Jio Laptop Future

We are looking at a future prospect for JIO and a laptop is too much say. What can probably be a better substitute to a rumor of laptop is a Jio 4g Android Phone or A Jio 4g Laptop which has a decent level of quality and technology; which can put rumors to stop. While that is not too much to ask, if any official announcement is to be made, it should come by the end of the current year 2018 cause the following year, 5G Network technology will be the new future; So where will the “4G” laptop stand?

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