Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Vote 2019

Lil Champs Vote

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is coming up with another version which is children version. Little Champs auditions have been started from November 2018. After Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finale there will be starting of little Champs. Last season was premiere in 2017. And in 2019 next season will be the premiere. The winner will be declared according to the previous method that is online voting. In this article, you will get to know about Sa Re Ga Ma Pa little Champs voting methods. Also, the same methods will be applicable in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Voting 2018.

Lil Champs Vote 2019

As we know winner can be known by the voting method itself. Contestants need to be eliminated by voting method every week. And at the end, there will be one winner. So the point is how Lil Champs vote works.
In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa show the voting will be done online. But there are various methods to vote online.

  • Google voting
  • Zee5 App Voting

So guys read ahead to know more about Lil champs Vote. Here we go.

Lil Champs Vote

Saregamapa Lil Champs Google Voting

As the name specifies the voting will be done on Google. Anyone can participate In this voting. If you want to save your favourite contestant then vote on Google. Check Requisites here.

  • On Google search engine type Lil Champs vote.
  • Then you will see top contestants images who are left in the show.
  • Vote for your favourite contestant.
  • You will be given 50 votes.
  • Distribute your votes or give it to any single of them it’s up to you.
  • After giving votes, login to your gmail or Facebook account in order to complete the process.
  • At last, submit your votes.

This was the complete process of voting via Google in Lil Champs.

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Lil Champs Online Zee 5 App Voting

Another way of voting is to cast your vote on Zee 5 app. This is the new app launched by Zee family. All types of voting is done in Zee 5 app.

  • You need to download the app.
  • Register yourself in zee 5 app.
  • After that go to the column of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs.
  • Cast your vote against your favourite contestant.
  • At last Summit the process.

Saregamapa show voting process

  • Firstly a contestant performs on stage.
  • Juries and judges give marks to them.
  • Then all the contestants are nominated to get public votes.
  • After a week there will be revelation of voting result.
  • The contestant with the lowest number of votes will get eliminated from the show.
  • This was the pattern of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa voting.

So that was all about the voting process in the show.

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