Madhya Pradesh Election 2018

Politics in the Democratic Republic State of India has a mainstream influence on the nation. It is so because maximum things in India depends upon politics. As politics will decide who will be in a supreme power of the state. And as all the parties have their own ideologies, the one in power or in the majority has a good influence on what and how the nation or state will prosper. Here in this article you will find about Madhya Pradesh Election 2018, date, result.

Madhya Pradesh Election 2018

So this time we are here to discuss the elections in one of the major states, that is Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh politics has not changed must in the last few years, or since 2005 to be precise. Unchanged because Shivraj Singh Chauhan is Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh ever since 2005, with little changes in proportion as constituency members. So this time could be the 4th time in a row that Shivraj Singh Chauhan may continue to be in power and on the seat of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

So this is the time when assembly elections are approaching after 2013. As the tenure of the current government will end on 7th January 2018, it is therefore that the news and updates regarding Madhya Pradesh elections have gained heat. So here we are to update you with full information regarding Madhya Pradesh elections like:

  • MP Election Candidate List 2018
  • Madhya Pradesh Election 2018 Opinion Poll
  • Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Exit Poll
  • MP Election result, 2018

Madhya Pradesh Election 2018

Madhya Pradesh Election Opinion Poll 2018

Although it is too soon to talk about polls of Madhya Pradesh elections, here we have an update regarding this. Some of the polling firms did the survey and made a poll, which exhibits;

  • IBC 24: this firm stated that BJP is expected to win over 101 constituencies, Congress may win over 119 constituencies and they hinted 24 seats for other parties.
  • Times Now: Times Now hinted 153 seats for BJP, 58 for Congress and 21 for others.
  • ABP- CSDS: 35% of the constituency seats for BJP, 49% for Congress and 6% for others have been observed by ABP- CSDS.
  • ABP- Cvoter: 106, 117, and 7 constituency seats for BJP, Congress and Other parties have been suggested by ABP- Cvoter, respectively.

Madhya Pradesh Election Date 2018

Last assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh state was held in 2013. On 25th November 2013, the elections started. And on 8th December 2013 result was announced in which Sh. Shivraj Chauhan was elected as chief minister of the state. Till now dates for 2018 elections have not announced. As soon as the dates are announced we will update it here.

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Madhya Pradesh Election Candidate List 2018
Although this is high time, the parties have not yet clearly hinted the name of the candidates from their parties for each constituency. We will update the complete information regarding Candidate list of Madhya Pradesh elections as soon as they are released. But it is obvious that there will be 230 seats and 230 candidates will be elected.

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Exit Poll 2018

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election Exit polls will be released as soon as the voting for elections will be done. And we will be amongst the few to update it to you as soon as it is released. So you may check for Madhya Pradesh Elections Exit Poll here. But let’s have here 2013 exit poll details.

State Seats Halfway BJP  INC Others
Madhya Pradesh 230 115 141 77 12

Madhya Pradesh Election Result 2018
Election result of Madhya Pradesh election 2018 is expected to be out by the month of December 2018. And here we will update it exclusively for you, so you may check it here as and when released.

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