Mental Samurai Casting 2019 – How To Apply

A popular quote reads “Never judge a book by its cover”. So true many cases where we are too quick to judge someone. Only to find out later that the person is not ordinary. One such show has set foot in the TV industry in search of sheer talent driven by intelligence. To find out the speed, stamina, and agility of a mind, what better title than Mental Samurai will that person deserve. Mental Samurai is a New TV show which will air on FOX and it has already started making rounds with Mental Samurai Casting 2019 open. Let’s divulge all the details that are presently available.

Mental Samurai 2019

The first season of Mental Samurai has been announced and we are all excited. Mental Samurai will feature contestants testing their mettle of intelligence in a special course of questions. The course of questions is designed to specifically target the speed, focus and mental accuracy. The Bright Idea here is to push the limits of human intelligence. Mental Samurai Casting 2019 is currently open and if you feel like Sherlock already, go ahead and apply for the show. How to apply for Mental Samurai Casting 2019, find that below.

Mental Samurai Casting 2019

The casting process for Mental Samurai 2019 is pretty familiar as any other FOX show. You can online and visit the casting website. The procedure for the same is as follows:

  • Go to
  • There enter your age to proceed
  • On the next page, there are 37+ Entries for you to complete
  • Also, You have to upload a  2 min introduction video of yourself. This will also include why you should be selected and what will you do with the reward money.

Once all the details are filled, you can press on the apply button. This way your application will be submitted and you have to wait for the casting call. You should be 18 years old and also should be a legal US resident. Other eligibility requirements are available on the official website.

Mental Samurai Casting 2019

Mental Samurai Casting: Who will present the show?

The show Mental Samurai will be hosted by Rob Lowe. He is also the producer for the show and we surely can say that the show will be more lively with his presence. No second host has been confirmed yet. Any official announcement will soon be updated.

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Mental Samurai 2019: When will the show air?

Presently, casting call is open for Mental Samurai. Since it is the first time the show is airing, FOX has placed it in a slot of 2018-19 shows. This suggests that the show will air somewhere in 2019 and most probably in the month of June or July. With that being said, there are no official dates for the show and we are also waiting for the official announcement.

Mental Samurai: A battle of wits and wisdom

The show has been propagating that it will be testing not just intelligence but also physical endurance. A 360-degree rotating capsule where players will sit is a real endurance test. The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body and it takes a lot of power to function. This means that the show is not only about displaying intelligence but also about finding out who has his wits about himself. Who can sustain his intelligence? that is true merit to the show. We will see when the show premiers.



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