My Kitchen Rules 2019 Premiere, Cast Details

My Kitchen Rules Series 10

When settling down the food cravings and bursting stress, competitive shows that feature food are a great watch. Since the past decade, a lot of shows have featured on TV and graced by enormous viewership. Such a viewership has established this genre to be premier genre and most watched too. Feeding off of this genre we are going to talk about MKR or My Kitchen rules 2019 Season. MKR 2019 preferably series 10 has released cast details and we are now ecstatic.

My Kitchen Rules 2019

My Kitchen Rules or preferably MKR is an Australian reality TV show based on competitive cooking. The show airs on Channel seven and has garnered a loyal viewership over the years. Co-hosted and judged by Celebrity Chefs Pete Evans and Manu Feildel, they also act as mentors for contestants. The show features teams from varying parts of Australia and New Zealand and surrounding Islands.

They Compete towards building a restaurant out of an ordinary place. In doing so, no stone is left unturned. The show has a lot of competitive nuances and nothing is better than a show which induces effort unparalleled.

My Kitchen Rules 2019 Contestants

One can expect that MKR 2019 will be bigger and broader than the previous season. For this to happen, the show has to be better and introduce patterns different than what they did before. We shall introduce you to the teams or contestants who will compete for the MKR 2019 Championship.

  1. Ash and Stacey – A Couple from NSW
  2. The Perfect Strangers (Names not revealed Yet)
  3. Mother Son Team (Names not revealed yet)

My Kitchen Rules 2019

More teams will be announced in subsequent months. Once the word gets through we will update the list with complete details of teams and lineup.

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MKR 2019 Premiere Date

My Kitchen Rules 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of the show. The new season will feature Better rewards, more competitive environment, new cuisines, and newer challenges. But all of this is slated to be released in 2019. Official dates have not come through barring only time before it shows up.

Although somewhere the date is nearby 30th Jan 2019. We will update the exact date soon.

Which team will be up for winning the reward and the coveted title, that will be up for a bet.

My Kitchen Rules 2019 Rewards

MKR is no soddy competition, as it rewards the participants handsomely. Apart from the MKR championship, the winning team will get a cash reward of $2,50,000 Australian Dollars. That is a huge sum but to achieve it, each team will have to go to extreme lengths. The length can be defined by cooking cuisines which are rare and managing an entire restaurant.

MKR 2019 and Its Arrival

With 2018 about to come to an end, and the series being renewed for two seasons, the second renewal is on the way. Season 10 of the show will be perhaps most different owing to the fact that it is the 10th anniversary. With nothing holding it back, we can expect it to be fun and full of challenges. Lest we say more, keeping our wits about would be the brighter idea.


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